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Astral Lamp

As Kaan Pfussäwinn approached he was holding a lamp and the Soul of his father went into it.
Astral Lamps are magical tools that are often used by Necromancers to store magic from Souls to be used later.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

When a person dies and a Necromancer is nearby he can use an Astral Lamp to direct the Soul into the Lamp instead of allowing the Soul to go back to Konn Prünnzu. Once the Soul is within the Lamp it will glow and the magic will be stored to be used as a reserve for normal spells or Necromancy rituals.


It is believed that the Fa Geinn god Tialímin the Guide to of the Dead was the first to have created the Astral Lamp as way to guide the dead through The Gloom Path  Of course, anything that Tialímin makes is corrupted by his brother Qaydith the Lord of Slaves and the one who created the magical discipline of Necromancy. Qaydith used the lamps to store Souls to use in Necromantic Rituals.


Astral Lamps are used in various Necromancy rituals and to harvest the magic within peoples Souls and store it within the lamps. For those that worship the Fa Geinn gods these items are scared to the gods Tialímin and Qaydith due to their importance to souls or Necromancy.
Item type
Owning Organization
These items are not all that accessible to common Casters as they are hard to find. Most don't want to sell an artifact that can hold Souls. Due to this most Necromancers that have this item are rich and have the item see it as a status symbol.
Base Price
1,000 Veni
Raw materials & Components
The lamp is forged with Nuerune and crystal so the light from the Soul can shine out.
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