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The Arachnid Heart Stone

A dark yet multifaceted gemstone gives a pulsating and eerie purplish glow that is the size of a Human heart. This mythical gem is believed to be the crystalized manifestation of Solsínabh the Spider Queen the chief deity that is worshiped by Ci Scá Múnt in the Fa Geinn pantheon.   The Heart Stone is encased in Nuerune in a web-shaped casing. It could be a trick of the light but the Heart Stone appears to withe and twist as though it is still beating. Scholars have found evidence that these gems are used in the Drider Rite which uses Alteration magic to turn Elves into Drider throwing the natural order into chaos.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Outside of the Drider Rite the Arachnid Heart Stone is just an eerie paperweight that doesn't do much. While not in use the Heart Stone is placed in a Heart Box so that it stays safe and doesn't get broken often under lock and key.   When the Drider Rite is taking place the Arachnid Heart Stone is placed in the center of the chamber which is within the Temple of the Spider Queen. It is usually placed on an altar that will sometimes have an idol of Solsínabh on it. The altar will have offerings to the Goddess. If there is an idol on the altar the Arachnid Heart Stone will be placed in the idol's hands.    During the ritual the Heart Stone is used to channel strong Alteration magics and focus the power on the future Drider as their mind is flooded with chaotic visions and whispers from the Spider Queen. As the Alteration magic is coursing through them their bodies will start to change and the visions that they get drive them into a state of frenzied ecstasy as they embrace their new forms. Some accounts that historians and scholars found of the ritual say that the power of the Heart Stone gave them a sense of euphoria. When the ritual is done the Arachnid Heart Stone pulses with one last burst of energy before becoming inert as its purpose in the ritual is done. The Heart Stone is then placed in its Heart Box until the next ritual.


The Arachnid Heart Stone is a crucial component to the long-forgotten Drider Rite that was used by the Nuossa Nualestota Miylian Elder Elves who worshipped Solsínabh the Spider Queen  This ritual turns an Elf into a Drider who still roam The Waves where the Court of the Spider Queen is said to be located. Historians and scholars believe that the Heart Stone served as the focal point of Alteration magic that needs to be channeled to transform the Elf. It is believed that the Heart Stone is the biggest Focus Crystal in Miyla.
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15 pounds
5 in (12 cm) in length, 3.5 in (8 cm) width, and 2.5 in (6 cm) in thickness
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500,000 Veni
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