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Queen's Loom

A large industrial loom, built for the use of the Spider Queen Solsínabh. The loom is perfect for weaving Spider Silk into fabric that can be used for othr projects. The only problem is that anything made on this loom gets odd and random magical enchantments.


The Spider Queen Solsínabh took up her loom and wove the world together. As she worked her husband, Lord Knommguh of Order, calmed her chaos. Knommguh put order into the weavings of Solsínabh, and thus the world was made.
No one knows if the loom is even real, but according to mythology the loom predates the world. Next to the founding gods (Solsínabh and Knommguh) the loom always exitsted. It was also a key part in the making of the world.


In mythology the loom was used by the Spider Queen to make the world. As she crafted her husband, Knommguh, helped her pick colors and pattrens. Thus he brought order to her weaving. But according to legend the loom could also make powerful fabric that could be used to make clothes. These items would have odd and powerful magic woven into them. Here are a few according to legend:
  • Fireproof Cloak: a cloak so fireproof that the wearer can't use fire magic.
  • Mask of Waterbreathing: this mask could let the wearer breath underwater, but if they wore it above water they would start to gasp for air.
  • Quick Fall Parachute: this parachute was believed to be drawn to the ground. Makeing the wearer fall at top speed to the ground. The wearer would be unharmed from the fall if they were lucky.
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