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Queen's Tapestry

Hanging behind the Spider Queen was a tapestry. It shimmered and changed with the light. In one light it showed the queen weaving while her husband picked colors. In another light the tapestry showed the queen killing her husband with the mountains.
The tapestry shifts and glows in the dim light of the cave. Either by magic or the lighting the tapestry seems to change its image whenever it is looked at. The tapestry seems to hold the history of the Fa Geinn in its threads. But because the Spider Queen, Solsínabh, made it there is one question about the stories that it shows. Are these the events as they happened or are these how the queen wishes the events to be remembered?


The Spider Queen made the tapestry to remember the stories of her family. The tapestry has some historical significance, but it seems to be more sentimental. There are images of her children's birth as well as her grandchildren. Important events that happened to the family seem to be woven into the tapestry.
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