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Divine Clothing

The clothes that the gods of Fa Geinn and Dā Е̄tyū Kacī are shown wearing in their various religious texts and other artworks and idols such as the Idol of Bhoa dru Durá that dipict them.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The clothes do have some variants inside the clothes depending on the god. Style-wise the clothes are drapey and flowing that appear to cover their bodies effortlessly. The materials that their clothes are made out of are  Modal, Cashmere, and Spider Silk which are all soft fabrics.   First, each god within Fa Geinn has their clothes dyed in colors that line up with their domains. Veninedute the Lady of Wealth is wearing bright yellow clothes, Qaydith the Lord of Domination wears dark blue with red accents, while Solsínabh the Spider Queen wears darkly dyed purple. In art, this makes it easy to identify the god that is the artwork and helps make them symbols.   As for the textiles they are worn in layers by the gods or for different clothing requirements. First, the gods' undergarments are often made of modal a fabric made of rayon that is made from tree fibers. This fabric is known for feeling silky and drapes beautifully around their bodies. The clothes are breathable while making the clothes luxurious and comfortable. If the gods are depicted dressed down they will often be wearing Modal and are meant to appear beautiful and it is an honor to see them like this as these are casual clothes or undergarments.   For outerwear the gods wear one of two fabrics with the first being Spider Silk which is harvested from Giant Spiders. This fabric is a more natural fiber that is smooth and has a soft and luxurious feel. The outer draping clothing of their typical clothes are often made out of this silk and only the best fibers are used to make the textiles that are used to clothe the gods. For Dā Е̄tyū Kacī which is a subset of the Fa Geinn gods that are only the gods that are believed to reside in Ell Brich the silks are just a another layer that is worn often inside.   Since Ell Brich is very cold the Dā Е̄tyū Kacī gods that live of course need a few more pieces in their outerwear. They wear cashmere produced from Frostwool Sheep that are native to Ell Brich. This textile is prized in Ell Brich for its softness, warmth, and being lightweight so it is commonly worn by lots of different people with the best being reserved for the use of the gods. These cashmere clothes are worn on top of the silks and are also allowed to drape over the bodies of the gods often in layers so they can stay and appear to be warm. The Dā Е̄tyū Kacī will wear accessories of scarves, socks, gloves, and head covers such as shawls and hats.   Speaking of accessories all of the gods will often wear accessories with their symbols in them as belts or other jewelry. One such belt that is used is the World Cord which Solsínabh wears around her waist in both her Elven form and Drider form. They are shown not wearing shoes but when they do wear shoes it is often sandals or some other lightweight shoes.


For the Nuossa Nualestota Miylian Elder Elves these are the clothes and the style that their gods wear. The clothes are considered to be sacred just like the Fa Geinn gods.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Owning Organization
Rare, as these are the clothes that the Fa Geinn gods are often shown wearing.
It is believed that the Queen's Loom is what is used to make these clothes.