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Fricotucie's Starblade

The starblade is a celestial weapon forged by divine hands. Crafted from a shimmering celestial silver and adorned with radiant gemstones reminiscent of distant stars, it emanates a perpetual glow that casts a celestial light around it. The blade's surface remains immaculate and untarnished, reflecting the purity and luck-bringing nature of its purpose.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

There are two powers and one quirk that the starblade has. The first, power is starry gleam. The starblade possesses an eternal radiance that never dims. Its surface stays perpetually clean and gleaming, untouched by dirt or wear, embodying the brilliance of the cosmos. The second power is fortunate strike. Infused with the essence of celestial luck, the sword grants its wielder extraordinary fortune in times of need. This power allows the wielder to change their luck.   The quirk that the sword has is a lucky star aura. The starblade exudes an aura of celestial luck and destiny, instilling its wielder with a sense of courage and serendipity. Those who hold the sword feel guided by the stars themselves, as if their fate were intertwined with the cosmic tapestry. The wielder feels empowered by the goddess of luck, Fricotucie.


Forged amidst the stars the starblade is a symbol of destiny and luck. It is said to have been wielded by legendary heroes and celestial champions who traversed the cosmos and shaped the fate of worlds. According to legend the sword was made by Niolmopio. Niolmopio gifted the sword to Solsínabh the Spider Queen. Solsínabh then gave the sword to Fricotucie. Fricotucie sometimes gives the sword to heroes and champoins to do her bidding.


The starblade holds great significance as a sacred artifact of Fricotucie, embodying the virtues of destiny, luck, and cosmic harmony. As a weapon of heroes, it serves as a beacon of hope in the darkest of nights, guiding its wielder through the trials of fate with the light of the stars. Its eternal radiance and lucky aura remind its wielder of their celestial destiny and the guiding hand of fortune.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
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