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Niolmopio (ˈnjolmoˈpjo)

Armorer Niolmopio Briknomm- Hasschprer, Goddess of the Forge (a.k.a. Kin Butcher)

A leather worker who was the first to use Dragon parts to make armor and weapons. This is why Dragons give other Dragons and mortals permission to use them to make weapons or armor nowadays. Niolmopio is a rather mysterious historical figure and is one of the hardest ones to pin down what she was like and what she did because she is also a mythical figure described in The Word Of Desires worshipped as a goddess of leather working and forging which makes sense because of historical contexts.

Divine Domains

She is worshipped as the Goddess of the Forge and Leatherworking her domains are in crafting weapons and armor and she works with Solsínabh the Spider Queen as an artistic goddess. Niolmopio is the wife consort to Qaydith and has created several things for him and his sphere. She has created several weapons and armor for other members of Fa Geinn and Dā Е̄tyū Kacī.


It is believed that the Dragonfire Forge is Niolmopio's artifact and where she created everything that she has made.

Holy Books & Codes

The Word Of Desires
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The holy book that she is mentioned in the most is The Word Of Desires which is primarily Qaydith's book who is her husband.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Her symbol is an anvil with a fire within it.

Tenets of Faith

Niolmopio's tenets are simple, all that she demands of her followers is to craft armor and weapons to win her favor. Beyond that, there isn't much else that she wants from them her Priests are good blacksmiths and leatherworks. Since she is a more minor diety she doesn't have high standards for her followers.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Her divine goal is to aid her husband Qaydith in any way that she can in all of his goals.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

She wears a leather apron and a laced-up dress with boots and gloves when working. When Niolmopio is not forging or wants to look cool she will wear armor not because she she feels like she needs protecting but because she is proud of her work and wanted to wear it.

Specialized Equipment

She usually has various leatherworking and forge tools nearby or in the pockets on her aporn.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

At the start of the Miylian War Niolmopio looked at the all of the dead Shifter Dragons and wondered, if much like other animals if she could make armor out of them. She was already a good leatherworker and had no problems with working with the hides of her people which was disturbing to some of the other Dragons. The armor was well made and offered better protection than other armor made of different animal hides. These armors helped level the playing field with the dragons and the Miylian Elders. Niolmopio also discovered that weapons created from the bones and teeth of dragons were powerful and could hold magical enchantments better than other materials. It is believed that she died either during or shortly after the Miylian War because of her skinning and using the bones of dragons. This has dubbed her as a Kin Butcher in her time. This is what scholars believe is historical because Dragon Grade items are still used in the modern era with much less taboo.   However, she also appears in various religious texts of Ci Scá Múnt which has confused a lot of things about her and caused lots of debate in various scholar circles. She primarily shows up in The Word Of Desires as the leatherworker and forger who created many of Qaydith's artifacts such as Love Tap, Lynir's Fozovvi, the first Qaydith Token, Goblet of Passion, and the Shadow Lash. The Word of Desires also says that she was Qaydith's main consort and that Prirruntri is her child. Scholars heavily debate what this means if anything or if the gods are real.   To further confuse things Niolmopio is listed as the name of Blanngli Hasschprer's sister which further grounds her in the real world and history of Miyla. The Täsho of Wen Tardtro which is the department in Pfussäwinn Witts that focus on infrastructure has avoided talking about her and has only said that she did make weapons out of Dragons.


In the mythology of Ci Scá Múnt she only has one sexual partner, Qaydith and is thus believed to be heterosexual.


Scholars believe that Niolmopio worked with the Miylian Elders and was trying to help them win their conflict with the Dragons. In The Word Of Desires it is described that she works in the War District of Geogefi Ubu as the lead leather worker and forge master.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Niolmopio's most well-known accomplishment is that she made Dragon Grade weapons and armor out of the parts of Shifter Dragons. Due to this, she changed the game in arms and armor by adding more powerful arms into the world. The custom of giving people Dragon Grade weapons and armor came as a result of her accomplishment of making that new grade of equipment.

Morality & Philosophy

It is believed that she was amoral and probably a bit crazy since she looked at other Shifter Dragons and thought that turning their dead bodies into weapons an armor was a good idea. Some believe that she was just ahead of her time and gave everyone a gift to better protect people in war.

Personality Characteristics


She is a crafter and artist who likes to experiment with new materials which is why she used Dragon Materials in her work to make new weapons and armor. Niolmopio is believed to be loyal to Qaydith, her husband, creating things for him and their family. All of Fa Geinn's weapons and armor are believed to have been made by Niolmopio with Love Tap being the first. She is motivated to aid her husband and believes that he is right and she wants to help him in all of his endeavors.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She is great at creating armor and weapons but is not that skilled in using them aside from basic usage self-defense although she rather relies on Xozlo or Qaydith for protection instead.


Niolmopio does her base to stay clean however, since she usually works in the forge she is covered in sweat and grim in her workspace. Inside Oppo Strafuirma the castle that Dā Е̄tyū Kacī live in she does her best to stay clean and look presestinable.



As Qaydith's first consort or wife Niolmopio is the Queen Goddess of Ell Brich, however, she doesn't prefer to rule allowing Qaydith to do that however he wants she does like being respected as a chief deity. She rather focus on her work that ruling.

Family Ties



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First Consort (Vital)

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Relationship Reasoning

For now, this is just an idea and to help flesh out some minor characters and to make them a bit more interesting. This may not be permanent.



Towards Blanngli Hasschprer


Blanngli Hasschprer


Towards Niolmopio


Divine Classification
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  • Armorer
  • Divine Armorer
  • Goddess of the Forge
  • Divine Craftsman
  • Kin Butcher
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