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Kenus Guardian

As they walked into the cave there was a loud screeching sound as the wall caved to the weight and claw of a massive construct that looked like a wingless dragon.
Kenus Guardians are rare constructs that were built by Kenus the Lord of Magic with his wife Osara the Lady of Art. Although the Fa Geinn gods that built them are no longer worshipped these massive machines still roam Bridt Sche primarily in The Waves and the surrounding areas.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It is not known how these constructs work. Still, they do seem to run on Konn Prünnzu, and when it is attacking people who are trying to hurt the natural magics these Guardians reportedly hits hard with various melee and ranged attacks in the form a cannon blast from the mouth of the construct. To perform their tasks Kenus Guardians appear to have some sentience and can tell if people are trying to hurt the environments that they are protecting.


The Kenus Guardians were built to protect the natural magic of Bridt Sche that gathers in Ley-Enriched Springs that have Ley Rich Water which is used in various potions and Mana Spring that has crystalized Konn Prünnzu. The Guardians also protect Konn Prünnzu which is the flow of magic that is used in the Konn Prünnzu Tradtar to power the various cities and towns in Bridt Sche. This is because Kenus is the Fa Geinn God of Magic and protecting these sites is important to him and is domain. These Guardians in addition to being stationed at various springs and pockets of Focus Crystals throughout the country and The Waves.
Item type
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Rare as there are is an unknown number of these things still in operation.
Raw materials & Components
The Kenus Guardians are made out of stone, Focus Crystals, and some stories stay that they are also made out of Konn Prünnzu or that it powers the construct somehow.