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The Dice of Destiny

"Do you want to play a game of chance?"
Fricotucie the Goddess of Luck's sacred artifact is a set of dice called the Dice of Destiny and they are intricately crafted each adorned with symbols that appears to have different aspects of luck, fortune, and fate. As the goddess of luck, Fricotucie can be easily confused with her aunt Xione the Goddess of Foresight and Fate. The set has several different types of dice with different sides and varying sizes.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

When Fricotucie is using the dice it is believed that her rolls change the fortunes of mortals. Those that worship Veninedute the Lady of Wealth, Fricotucie's mother, will also pray to Fricotucie that she will roll them favorable lots. Of course, not all of Veninedute's followers will worship the Goddess of Luck believing that life should not be left to chance.


As Fricotucie's artifact the Dice of Destiny is believed to be imbued with her essence. The Priests who use these dices will roll them to gain her favor and guidance. This allows them to tap into the unpredictable nature of luck. Many of her followers opt to use normal dice over sacred ones.¬†   As tools for worship, each roll of the dice represents a moment of anticipation and revelation, offering insights into the twists and turns of fate and encouraging individuals to embrace uncertainty with optimism. Those that mix up Fricotucie with her Aunt Xione the Goddess of Fate will use dice for divination and to seek one of the goddesses's guidance. This has helped many navigate life's challenges and to seize opportunities as they arise.
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Raw materials & Components
All of the dice are made of precious metals such as gold or Nuerune while others are carved from exotic woods and adorned with gemstones.