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Webbed Amulet

The Webbed Amulet is a delicate yet sinister ornament crafted by the Chlai or Dark Elves. Fashioned from a blackened metal adorned with intricate spiderweb-like patterns, the amulet exudes an aura of malevolence and cunning. Despite its fragile appearance, it radiates a subtle, unsettling energy that draws the attention of those attuned to the darkness. The item is thought to be a holy symbol of the Spider Queen, Solsínabh, Solsínabh.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The amulet has two powers and one drawback. The powers make traveling easier for the holder and make some Chlai's jobs easier. The drawback makes it so that the item is ruined and disenchanted if it is misused.   First, let's go over the powers that the amulet has before talking about the drawbacks. The first power that the amulet has is a shadowed compass. The Webbed Amulet serves as a compass for navigating treacherous labyrinths and dark places whatever those may be. When held aloft, the amulet's dark gemstone at its center pulses with a faint, eerie light, pointing toward the nearest exit or path leading deeper into the depths. It will point where the person is sort of wanting to go.   The second power is used by Chlai while they are raiding. The amulet is coated with a thin layer of enchanted resin, imbued with the essence of dark magic. This sticky substance clings to anything it touches, allowing the wearer to ensnare foes or objects with ease. When activated, the amulet's sticky enchantment can immobilize targets, hindering their movement or preventing them from escaping. This makes capturing people easier when raiding.   The only drawback to the item is that it is fragile. Due to its fragile nature, the Webbed Amulet is susceptible to damage even from the slightest impact or mishandling. It requires careful handling and protection to prevent it from shattering or losing its magical properties. This is because of the material that the item is made with. Spider Silk can be thin and easy to brake. The resin used to make the item is easy to brake when it is warm or hot.


Forged by the Chlai, the Webbed Amulet is steeped in the sinister lore and their ancient traditions. It is said to have been crafted by skilled artisans under the command of a powerful matron mother, imbued with the essence of darkness and shadow. As a symbol of the Chlai's dominance over the realm, the amulet is often worn by elite warriors and cunning sorcerers who seek to harness its dark power for their nefarious purposes.   The item is said to have been made as a holy symbol for the Spider Queen, Solsínabh although not made by the goddess herself. The item became an overall symbol of the Fa Geinn.


The Webbed Amulet holds great significance as a relic of the Chlai, representing their mastery of shadow magic and their dominance over shadowy areas. As a compass, it serves as a guide for those who dare to traverse the perilous depths of the dark realms, leading them through winding tunnels and labyrinthine passages. However, its fragile nature and sticky enchantment serve as a reminder of the dangers that lurk within the shadows, as well as the cunning and ruthlessness of its creators.
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