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Atscu Grirti (ˈatʃu ˈgrirti)

Celebrate Wine; Dark Wave Language

"I am the gateway drug to my father's realm," Prirruntri whispered.
The cult celebrates and worships the god of wine, alcohol, and drugs. This cult used to celebrate Qaydith, but after the birth of Prirruntri, or the separation of Prirruntri from Qaydith, it shifted to the worship of the new god.


The cult was known for its wine, drugs, masks, and floral ink. There are a few more items that the cult is known for but these are the four main ones. Let's break down each item in the lineup.

Wine and Drugs

"Have a drink or a joint," Prirruntri said offering a tray with a glass and an unlit cigerit-like joint.
Prirruntri is a god of wine and drugs. Making these two items a no-brainer. Wine and drugs were made in Prirruntri's temples and the consuming of them was a common part of Prirruntri's worship. Back in the days of the Ci Scá Múnt temples Grape Crushers created wine which was aged in the temple and used in various rituals. The Nuossa Nualestota Miylian Elders believed that although Prirruntri didn't invent wine he perfected the art of making it. He was a popular god to everyone from common people to nobles.

Masks & Ink

"I don't understand why they cover their faces. I want them to dive deep into their vices," Prirruntri groaned.
There are five masks that are used in Prirruntri's worship. They are normally used by nobles to hide their identity during festivals for Prirruntri. This is so the nobles don't lose reputation either politically or among friends who are probably attending it makes as well. These masks are similar to Venice Carnival or Mardi Gras masks back on Earth. The masks traditionally only cover the eyes and foreheads leaving their mouths exposed so they can drink. They use vibrant ink and paint to decorate their exposed cheeks and lips often with floral patterns and odd colors.   Poorer people wouldn't usually use masks because they can't afford to have an unnecessary accessory. Instead, they will use ink and paint on all of their faces applied thickly to hide features as well as they can. These inks are bright green, purple, red, yellow, black, and white and are applied in floral patterns with stems on the corners of the lips. Petals covering eyes. People with this make-up are often depicted being around Prirruntri so the poorer people argue this is better than masks.


This cult was disbanded with the rest of the faith it was tied too. That faith was Ci Scá Múnt.


"Just have a drink." the god laughed.
The basic worship of this cult is simple. The worshiper just has to eat drink and be merry. But there is a lot more to it than that. Prirruntri can be worshipped in a few different ways. Let's break down the basic forms of worship and how the cult worships.  

Symbolize of Winemaking

"You could say we have similar domains, cuz," Prirruntri said as he elbowed Lynir sharply in the ribs.
We can't really take about a god of wine without talking about wine. There is a five-step process to making wine. This is a super basic overview of the process. These steps are harvesting, crushing and pressing, fermentation, clarification, aging, and bottling. Each part of the wine-making process has a symbolic meaning to Prirruntri.   First, we have birth or coming of age. This is symbolized by harvesting ripe grapes for the wine. This part is the easiest to understand. After all without grapes wine can not be made. Grapes are used the most to make wine because of the amount of sugar they can make. Grapes also have the best acid for making wine. After the grapes are harvested they will be sorted with the best batch being used to make the wine used in Prirruntri's worship. Now what does this part of the process have to do with the worship of Prirruntri?   The ripe grapes symbolize two things. First, grapes can mean birth. This doesn't seem likely with Prirruntri. Prirruntri is not a god of fertility. He is a god of overindulgence and vices. He is a mature god that is worshipped by adults. The second thing that grapes could mean is rebirth. In a way, a person is reborn when they come of age. You are born into your adult self. This is where Lynir's and Prirruntri's circles start to overlap.   The second part of wine-making is crushing and pressing. This is when the grapes are crushed. This used to be done by a Grape Crusher. The crushing of the grapes is now done by machines. The wine is now much cleaner, but machine-pressed wine is not used in the worship of Prirruntri. That is because the machine was made after the worship of Prirruntri became illegal. What does this part mean to those who worship Prirruntri?   The crushing of the grapes could mean one of two things. First, the loss of innocence. Prirruntri is the god of overindulgence and vices this means that the worshiper can not be innocent. The worshiper must be indulging in their vices. These vices do not just have to be over-drinking, but we will get there. Second, the grapes could mean death. As the grapes are being crushed they are no longer grapes. They are crushed dead-looking skins. This is also where Lynir and Prirruntri seem to be similar.   The third step in making wine is the fermentation. This is where the wine is felt on its own. The juice will ferment within six to twelve hours. That is if the juice is felt alone. This is when the grapes start to be reborn as wine. The worship of Prirruntri symbolizes the rebirth that people can have by leaning into their vices. The worshiper is not the same person after turning to their vices.   The last two steps in the process are clarification, aging, and bottling. In the clarification, egg whites can be added. The wine is also filtered. This is to protect the wine from dead yeast. After the filtering, the wine is then aged. The wine is then bottled and sold. This could mean turning completely to Prirruntri, but scholars are not sure.


"Have you ever been to a roaring party?" Prirruntri asked.   Lynir was quiet for a while before anwering, "No..."   "I need to take you to one of my parties," Prirruntri laughed as he wrapped an arm tightly around Lynir's shoulders.
Prirruntri is thought to be the god of good times and parties. These parties are held differently between social classes. The parties are similar but performed differently. The parties also have strong ties to Qaydith. Let's break these different parties down.   First, we have a winemaking festival. When the grapes are ripe there is only one thing to do. Pour the grapes into wooden vats and crush them to make wine. Partygoers dance on the grapes with music. It is a huge event that everyone looks forward to. This festival of Prirruntri is more for villages and families. It is more something fun to do while making wine. Unless you go to a temple for Prirruntri. Slaves will be forced to dance and smash the grapes. There will be music and it is a bigger version of a village festival.   Second, we have meadow parties. These parties are often held at night when children should be asleep. This festival or party normally takes place during the spring and early fall. This is because the two flowers that symbolize Prirruntri bloom during these seasons and times. These flowers are the orchid and the rose. At these parties, revelers will bring candles to the meadow and place them on rocks. The revelers will then drink wine, do drugs, and caress each other's faces. Revelers will paint patterns of roses, thorns, and orchids on each other.   Third, temple parties. This kind of party is like a meadow party except noble and rich people can come. Commoners will come in their best white clothes. Nobles will come with masks and white clothes. The nobles wear masks to hide who they are. They do not want people to know that they indulge their vices. Priests will paint revelers' faces with roses, thorns, and orchids. The Nobles will remove a sleeve to have their arms painted. This party is more open to the public and is thought to be more tame. Every vice can still be indulged.   Fourth we have garden parties. These are also like meadow parties but only for nobles. These parties take place in walled gardens and candlelight. The nobles will wear masks and use magic to change their voices a little. That way no one can figure out who they are. These parties are more quiet and like a social gathering.


There are three gods that are worshipped in this cult. The main god is Prirruntri with the other two gods being his father, Qaydith, and his cousin, Lynir. How these other two are worshipped have broken the cult into a few different sects. There are a few sects that do not worship Qaydith and Lynir.


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