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Scepter of Order

The Scepter of Order is a balanced battle staff with intricate engravings and within the club part of the staff is a luminous orb that symbolizes unity and balance. The handle of the staff is adorned with glyphs representing the laws of the cosmos and is engraved in some sort of divine script. The Scepter of Order belonged to Knommguh the Lord of Order and was used by the god till his death.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The The Hymn of Veglienna states that the Scepter of Order possesses powers over cosmic order and equilibrium. However, scholars debate whether or not this is the case because it seems very powerful or too powerful for a normal magic item. It is believed that the Scepter can calm storms but more importantly, can pacify conflicts when the Scepter is tapped on the ground. In the hands of Knommguh it can bring order to chaos and enforce his divine will.   For a normal wielder, the Scepter doesn't have that much power. When in combat tapping the Scepter will stun opponents and while outside of combat it will calm people and draw their attention to the wielder. The Scepter will appear to be a normal staff that doesn't have additional magical powers.


Much of the actual history of Knommguh the Lord of Order's Scepter is lost aside from what is written in the various religious texts and literature of Fa Geinn. According to these texts, the Scepter of Order was created by Knommguh or Niolmopio the Armor. The specter is believed to have been housed within his temple in Ubudongiu before it was destroyed. Scholars theorize that it was placed in the temple as a reminder that order and law will stand even during times of turmoil and discord. While in the temple it was entrusted to the Priests that served Knommguh within his temple. The Scepter was held as a reminder that upholding justice is the duty of every citizen.   Knommguh will take the Scepter outside of the temple when he holds court and counsel with the other gods in the Court of the Spider Queen. He would even travel with it when he was aware that he would have to hold court and judge which was often done within his temples. The Scepter was lost in The Waves when Knommguh met with his son, Tialímin the Lord of Roads. The reason for their meeting was to prevent Xione the Goddess of Foresight's visions about Lynir, Tialímin's son, from happening. Solsínabh the Spider Queen wasn't happy about them making sure that a child won't be born impales her husband Knommguh with the mountains. There is evidence that he had the scepter with him during the meeting so might still be hidden in those mountains.  


The Scepter of Order is a myth that the Nuossa Nualestota Miylian Elders that is mentioned by the remnant of their people and the religious text that the specter is in. However, the legend of the Scepter has faded with the Humans coming to Miyla and bringing with them Christianity. Those who don't want to forget about the Scepter believe that it will bring peace and stability to Miylia. A quick fix to all of Miylia's problems. Some seek the Scepter in hopes of ushering in a new era of peace to the annoyance of most Wave Guides. It is believed that the Scepter is hidden in the Court of the Spider Queen, some forgotten tomb, or maybe a temple or shrine deep in The Waves. They believe that the Scepter is awaiting the day when the world once again begs for balance.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Unique, as there is only one.
Base Price
10,000 Veni
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