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Quick Fall Parachute

The Quickfall Parachute appears as a finely crafted parachute made from lightweight silk adorned with intricate arcane runes along its edges. Despite its seemingly ordinary appearance, this magical parachute exhibits an unusual eagerness to fulfill its purpose – to facilitate a swift descent to the ground.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

There are two useful powers that the parachute has. The first is called rapid descent, and it accelerates the descent of its wearer with remarkable speed, allowing them to reach the ground in a fraction of the time it would normally take with a conventional parachute. This ability can be particularly useful for escaping dangerous situations or making a swift landing in the midst of battle.   The second power that the parachute has is called guided landing. Parachute possesses a limited ability to steer its descent, enabling the wearer to navigate towards a desired landing spot with greater precision. By focusing their intent and concentration, the wearer can influence the direction of their descent, ensuring a safer landing even in challenging terrain. There is a small chance that the parachute will not allow the user to guide it. This is because of the choatic nature of the Spider Queen.   The parachute has an quirk that makes it impatient eagerness to land. The Quickfall Parachute exhibits an impatient eagerness to fulfill its purpose, often urging its wearer to deploy it at the earliest opportunity. It seems to possess a restless energy, always eager to get back to the ground as quickly as possible. This quirk can sometimes lead to hasty decisions or premature deployments if the wearer succumbs to the parachute's impatience.


There are two histories that mention the making the of the parachute. In the first history it was mabe by a skilled mage seeking to create a magical means of rapid descent. The Quickfall Parachute was designed to provide adventurers and travelers with a swift and efficient method of reaching the ground from great heights. Its creation was inspired by the mage's own experiences of needing to make quick escapes from perilous situations, leading to the development of this unique and practical magical item.   The second history is more of a myth. It is said that Spider Queen Solsínabh woven the item. She made the item out of boredom. When she saw how useful the item could be she tasked a mage or her husband, Knommguh, to make it better. They then made the parachute safer for use.


The Quickfall Parachute holds significance as a valuable tool for adventurers and travelers seeking a swift and safe means of descent from great heights. Its magical abilities make it particularly useful for escaping dangerous situations, navigating treacherous terrain, or making rapid landings in the midst of combat. Despite its impatient eagerness, the parachute's reliability and effectiveness make it a sought-after item for those who value speed and efficiency in their travels.
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