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Naba (naba)

Twilight World, Okerihi

"We couldn't even shift and travel through the Naba in order to escape. There was something greater there that stopped us from escaping into Naba Shamai̯s' realm. I still can't figure out what it was." Dōnlau said holding her tail trying to stay calm.
The Naba is the magical realm that the Okeri people have used to travel through Miyla and the other three worlds. Other than the Shifter Dragons the Okeri are the other people that can use Portal Magic, or something similar, without the need of a Dragon reagent. This world is a highway and the Okeri don't see it as a place to settle but only as a means of travel.


Since only the Okeri can freely travel to Naba so what is known about it comes from them and is not forthcoming partly because the Okeri doesn't want the Shifter Dragons to know about it or how they can access it. The Okeri described a shadowy world with black trees and a smokey sky. A glowing road that branches to different destinations from all over the worlds makes the travel dangerous.


The thing that the Okeri primarily speak of about Naba are Kasak which are shade creatures that roam the shadowy landscapes. They attack travelers and can follow them out of the Naba if the traveler is not careful. These things are dangerous because they can inflict Daenge Magiu which causes Konn Prünnzu Rienblei.


The climate is humid but feels dry at the same time since it is a magical world, so it doesn't make sense at times. Aside from temperature, the climate is unpredictable and the road is constantly shifting making it hard to find the through by Okeri that have not traveled the path before.
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