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Portal Magic

"As a sign of good faith, here." Azrimor handed Raga a black scale and a white feather.   Raga's eyes widened with shock dragons were not known to give such treasured gifts to anyone and before him was the means to finally leave Miyla, “I can’t take these.”   ”Very well, but I thought that you and new friends could use it for next outing.” Bridtrerchier frowned and took the reagents.
Discovered and kept by the dragons this type of magic has kept all of the worlds connected throughout the ages enabling travel between the worlds. The Winged Dragons are the ones that maintain the portals and allow travel to the other worlds.


If a dragon is opening a portal they only need to wave their hand or claw to open and sustain the portal. For a mortal to use a portal they must have a dragon’s scale, feather, or tuff of fur and throw it down. A portal opened by this method will be temporary and cannot be left open for long.
Winged Dragons
Access & Availability
The dragons are the only ones that know how to use this type of magic but the mortal races can open temporary portals with a scale, feather, or tough of dragon’s fur. Those components are very hard to get a hold of since dragons don’t give them to just anyone. These items are used in portal magic because of the dragons‘ connection to magic is strong enough to open portals.
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