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Kwächɐŋ (kvɛːçɐŋ)


He drunk the drug and leaned back as his vision blurred and a sense of pleasure swept over them as he slowly started to lose feeling of his physical body.
Kwächɐŋ is a popular drug that is rampant through Nyiltokti the capital city of Bridt Sche that promises a warm and sweet sense of pleasure and euphoria that leaves the addicts cold and wanting more.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Kwächɐŋ can be drunk or injected so it is a versatile drug which makes it popular among common people who want to get high and escape their problems. Consuming Kwächɐŋ gives the person a warm sense of pleasure and euphoria that washes over them which is why Kwächɐŋ is addicting. The magic that is within Kwächɐŋ will slowly paralyze the consumer which while under the effects feels gentle as they slowly lose the feeling of their body. After a while of floating with the pleasurable high, the consumer will fall into a deep sleep. When they wake up they will have crashed from the drug and pretty hard often craving the sweet taste and bliss of Kwächɐŋ.


It is not completely known when this drug started to be manufactured and most mortals believe that it has been a problem in Bridt Sche and Nyiltokti for hundreds of years. Historians and scholars discovered that Kwächɐŋ may be one of the oldest drugs in Miyla created by the Nuossa Nualestota Miylian Elders on the foothills of The Waves for religious reasons. The scholars believe that it was used in rituals to Prirruntri the God of Wine and some evidence suggests its use in rituals to Lynir the God of Rebirth.   In the modern settings of Bridt Sche, the drug is not used for worship but instead is used by the general population to get high. It has become a problem in Nyiltokti's slum districts however Kwönnsch Püerngsing can't be bothered to police in the slums as they have better things to do. Some in the slums believe that the reason that Kwönnsch Püerngsing doesn't do anything about this is because a different organization within Pfussäwinn Witts that is called Juhlkschmö is the one that is selling the drug.  


The drug is used by Nemfteio for various cult activities and selling it funds those activities. The sale and use of the drugs are important to Nemfteio as the drug helps fund their organization and is used for various rituals. The drug has become taboo in the slums of Nyiltokti and the people who are trying to lead honest lives want nothing to do with it.   Historians and scholars have noticed that either Kwächɐŋ or a drug similar was used by the Nuossa Nualestota Miylian Elders in various religious rituals. The three gods that were associated with it were Qaydith the Lord of Slaves, his son Prirruntri the God of Wine, and Lynir the God of Rebirth. The religious practices vary from god to god but scholars believe that they are associated with these gods as they share domains with pleasure and death. The drug Kwächɐŋ is known to give the consumer a sense of pleasure that is said to bring them to death's door giving them a safe place to experience death and to wake up reborn.
Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
Related Condition
The drug is tricky enough to make and fairly rare because it is illegal.
Base Price
1,000 Veni
Raw materials & Components
Konn Prünnzu as the magical blood of Miyla is the main ingredient of the drug and is highly distilled and concentrated. However, some will make do with using Ley Rich Water if they can't get a hold of Konn Prünnzu.   Kwächɐŋ uses a chemical called Anandamide which is also called the "Bliss Chemical" blocking pain receptors instead giving a warm, fuzzy, or even pleasurable feeling while while raising the heart rate. This is of course an oversimplification.
An Alchemy Kit or industrial equipment that is similar is used to make the drug.

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