• Ifiras
    A region in Shinia and a part of the Shinia Empire. This region was one of the last strongholds against the Famine this is where the Vampires started. I used Inkarnate to create this map it gets the job done.
  • Shinia World Map
    The world of Shinia the home of the Elves. More than just elves on this world but the Elven Empire of Shinia takes up most of the real estate on the world. The Elves and the Vampires are locked in a war that has had its respites but is unending. The Dwarven Republic of Nargazi and the Oavowbosian Amazon Tribes have done there best to stay out of the war but a time will come when they too will have to choose a side. The other country is a territory of the dark elves of Dolwen.
Inhabiting Species

Wuf Shinia

... 5000

The birth of Shinia and the founding of more ancient cultures that build the larger kingdoms today.

  • 3000 WS

    60 Okfurwuf

    Magical Collapse
    Disaster / Destruction

    An event caused by an unknown event that happened to the leylines of Shinia at one of the Nexus Wells around the world. Magic is greatly weakened by the event causing many spells to be weaker and causing more magical storms to rage across the world.

    More reading
    Maven Nchulmu

Vunluch Je

5001 8000

The rise of the Shinia Empire the vast kingdom of elves and their various conquest.

  • 199 VJ

    30 Sinfuras

    The Finding of Orodor
    Discovery, Exploration

    The Sun Elves of the Shinia Empire find Orodor and the Amazonian Oadowbosian Tribes that inhabit the island.


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