Schlurf's Fang

Schlurf's Fang is a dagger that is made out of the fangtooth of a dragon. The dragon's name was Schlurf Fodt and he wanted his bones to be used by Raga Soyla after he died. Schlurf is the only member of Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser to have died in action. After Schlurf dies his body was given to his brother, Nach Fodt, who oversaw the treatment of the bones, scales, and hide of his brother. Nach made sure that a few different weapons were made from Schlurf's bones and even made sure that Raga's armor would be made from his brother's hide.   The dagger was the first weapon that was made for this set. The dagger is enchanted to make sure that it cannot be detected. This makes it the perfect weapon to take on assassination missions.   The dagger has a handle and is a curved blade that looks like a fang. It has a carved rune on the handle. The rune is a Black Dragon symbol for shadow magic. So the rune means shadow blade. The ruin looks like this: 


This was the dagger made from Schlurf's remains. The dagger was also enchanted by Nach Fodt making it very different from the other weapons that Raga uses. It was also the first weapon made from Schlurf's remains.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Subtype / Model
Related ethnicities
The dagger is one of a kind. Even if another dagger was made from Schlurf's remains it would not be as powerful as Schlurf's Fang. This is because of the kind of dragon magic that was used to make the dagger. Only one set was promised to be made for Raga. So once the weapons and armor were made Schlurf was laid to rest with powerful wards. The wards would stop anyone from trying to make anything else out of the remains. That way Schlurf's final request would be honored.
Raw materials & Components
The dagger is made from a dragon fang.