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Natts Ehldü

I'm suprised that he hasn't killed you yet.

  Natts Ehldü are a type of hellhound that can be found in Miyla. They are often used in Pfussäwinn Witts excrements to make the perfect beast of war. Of course, normal people don't really like the idea of a more dangerous hellhound.
  Outside of a lab, these hounds hunt in packs of five or more. They have a strong sense of family and will hunt prey down together until a member of the pack is dead or until the prey is dead. They are comfortable in most environments.

Basic Information


Natts Ehldü are giant black dogs that are built to hunt and kill. They have four legs and thick padded paws and sharp claws to help them slice their prey. Their claws are also retractable like a cat's. They have long and lean bodies that are perfect for running. They have two long ears at the top of their musicly heads. They have one head with two red eyes and a strong jaw that is prefect for bitting. They have pure white teeth. They also have a long black tail that starts just above the creatures butt. The tail acts like an arm since the creature can use it to hold down prey.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Natts Ehldü reproduce like normal dogs. There are some genetic differences between the known breeds. The standard and more common Natts Ehldü have black fur and red eyes. They also have a black tongue and a frosty bite. Similar to the common Natts Ehldü is a more uncommon variety that also has black fur and red eyes. The difference between these two types is that the uncommon one also has red fur and a more fiery bit. The rarest verity is a pure white Natts Ehldü. This type has white fur and black eyes. It also doesn't have an ice or fire type of bite. The magic that its bite has is electric.

Ecology and Habitats

Natts Ehldü can live in almost any habitat since they are keen on adapting to any location. They do seem to prefer desserts and forests. Places where their high stamina will be useful. The terrain also makes it difficult for some prey to getaway.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Natts Ehldü only eat meat. They are skilled hunters and were built to hunt. They do not waste any food. Anything that they kill they eat. They are also known to drive out other Natts Ehldü from their hunting grounds.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Natts Ehldü have excellent hearing and can hear up to ten miles away from them. They can also tell in what direction the sound is coming from and how far away it is. They have good sight as well. They can see clearly what is in front of them and what is to their sides. They use their eyes and nose to see where things are when they run. Since they are a little bit more nearsighted. They are also excellent trackers and can remember a single smell for about a year. They can remember the smell of something that they hate and want dead for much longer.
Geographic Distribution
Natts Ehldü means hell hound (or dog) in Miyla Black Dragonic

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