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Prigni Vegi Frona

I never thought I would see the city that my mother was born in. It's beautiful.
  Prigni Vegi Frona was a port city for the Miylian Elders. Back in the glory days of the Miylian Elders, the city was pure white and the citadel looked like a grand conch shell. The city also sat on a nexus point and was a trade center before the Miylian Elders went to war with the dragons.


The city was built a long time ago when the Miylian Elders and Winged Dragon worked together. Prigni Vegi Frona was a trade center and a magical nexus for water elemental magic and healing spells. Prigni Vegi Frona had a grand hospital and was a grand center of healing and learning. Boosting the finest college in Restoration Magic.   The city was destroyed during the Miylian Elder War, because of its location and healing pavilions. After the city was sacked it was abanded for a long time. Some surviving Miylian Elders did move back into the city though. They rebuilt a lot of the buildings and shops. They choose to not restore the pure white structures to their former glory. Hoping that if the city looked like a wreck no one would come knocking.   The city was again sacked with Pfussäwinn Witts learned about the location of the last remaining Miylian Elders. Pfussäwinn Witts destroyed the rebuilt parts of Prigni Vegi Frona and kidnapped as many of the Elders as they could. Those that they couldn't capture they hunted down and killed. Pfussäwinn Witts left Prigni Vegi Frona in ruins with little to no hope of it being rebuilt again.
How to say and meaning:   vegi /veˈʤi/ adj. white prigni /ˈpriɲi/ n. pearl frona /ˈfrɔna/ n. city
Large town
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