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Not everyone in Nyiltokti can afford TVs since a large part of the population live in the slums where TV sets are a luxury and usually in public places. Those in the slums that can afford it don't usually have them or own business where TVs can be watched by the public such as Quim Brear a bar in Schlullk De. For just the sake of enjoying a story, most people will go to theatres and watch live performances put on by the community at centers or professional theatres throughout the slums, and if it is affordable the big ones on the Plates or at Schproülaudt Schtrücker which is famous for its theatre. Due to this going to the theatre is also popular with wealthier people and this art form is well-funded by all of the communities. Movies and TV shows are still done however they are seen as private entertainment for the rich in their homes the theatre is for everyone and is experienced by everyone together.


For the people attending the theatre, all they need is to get a ticket which ranges in price take their seats, and watch the actors act out amazing stories. The actors need to learn their lines and rehearse before performing live to simplify what they do. Some stagehands do the sets and change them throughout the show. Custom Designers and Make-up Artists also get the actors are ready for their performances.

Components and tools

The audience needs a ticket to take a seat to enjoy the show. The actors and other employees they will need customs, make-up, sets, and props for the show. If it is a long play there will be an intermission and refreshments can be served in a side room. Foodstuff and drinks are not allowed in the theatre so the proportions are small so they can be enjoyed before the show starts again.


Both the actors and the audience are both important for the theatre to work. The actors tell the stories and the other staff members make it happen. The story is important as it is the reason why the audience is there. The audience is important because without them there can be no performance.


Audience members are asked to silence their phones and to be quiet so as not to distract the actors or other audience members.
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