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Orb of Gazler

Gazler Werstos was one of the captains who accompanied Dah on his voyage to Mithra. He died a few years after landing, but there are countless tales and myths about him. Most notably is the myth about the transmutation orb. Gazler supposedly brought an orb with him that could turn sand into stone, and iron into gold. Every variation on the legend has these two "transmutations" begging the question if there is any truth to it. My old mentor met Gazler but apparently there was no mention of the orb. There is no one alive who has seen the orb, but still, the legend continues. The legend goes as follows.  
Thousands of years ago
During the second age of Mithra
thousands of ships stranded on the beaches of Stellios
Men, women, children
All were happy to finally feel ground underneath their feet
After a voyage that had lasted decades
And had taken every bit of perseverance they had left
They had finally arrived

One of the ships had a captain named Gazler
Gazler had a special object everyone around him wanted
An orb that could turn sand into stone and iron into gold
A beautiful white pearly orb that radiated energy and brought men to their knees
A year later
When the group had colonized and built their first city
Gazler was the richest man in all of Stellios

Time went by and Gazler realized he had enemies
Enemies who wanted to steal the orb from him
Enemies who wanted to keep the orb for themselves

He hid it
In a place no one would ever find it
Where light doesn't shine
But where the sun is always visible
Where mountains collide
And where the gods linger
  This is the legend of the orb. No one has ever found it, although there have been countless search parties and adventurers. All came up with nothing.

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