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Skull of Blodwen

...Blodwen was oure leader - nay; god. Arc Blodwen, thine own sovereign shaped the very nature round us. A counte of thy continuance would ne'er due credit to thy divine being. Thy shalt be honored, paid homage to, via the skull from thine own divine being...
One of the few surviving scraps of the account of Blodwen's death, set down in the year 552. Author unknown.


Blodwen was the original Arch of Natura and, according to most accounts and accepted lore, the first dragon created by the Sphinxes. He was also the first dragon to experience a mortal death, in the year 207. Legend has it, the elves who followed the Arch of Natura saved his skull from the rapid disintegration that occurs after a dragon dies, and enshrined it in The Arc Temple of Natura on the continent Sursum, the original Natura place of worship. There it remained, set upon a pedestal, until one day it mysteriously disappeared.

Historical Basis

Blodwen did indeed die in the year 207. It is known the dragons can experience natural death, and not just death by weapon, although Blodwen is the only Arch to have died this way.    However, the first account of this myth is not recorded until the year 552, nearly 350 years after his death. It is unclear how much truth is in this legend. There is also no record of the method used to preserve his skull. When Dunstan, Arch of Obscurum died at the end of The Great War, his most fervent followers tried to replicate the preservation process in the misguided idea that preserving his skull would also bring him back to life. None of their attempts succeeded, however, and all of Dunstan's bones disintegrated in a matter of weeks.   An argument also persisits on how Blodwen's skull disappeared. Was it stolen by a rival Natura religion faction? Did it break and someone tried to hide the evidence of their accidental crime? Did whatever method used to preserve it wear off, and the skull underwent natural disintegration? Of the records we have describing this disappearance, none agree. They do not even agree on when this disappearance happened. Some accounts say it disappeared at the beginning of The Great War in the year 432. Others state it disappeared when Blodwyn, The Second Arch of Natura hatched in the year 390.
Date of First Recording
Year 552
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Author's Notes

Written for the Summer Camp 2020 Prompt: Write about a myth or legend relating to a famous, long-lost item.

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