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Only eight dragons were made by the Sphinxes, one for each element. Only after the death of Blodwen, the original Arch of Natura did the dragons discover they have the ability of reincarnation.

Basic Information


Four legs and two wings, attached at the shoulders of the front limbs. Front legs can also be used as hands

Genetics and Reproduction

When an Arch dies, they are reincarnated as an egg, and only hatch once the egg has been discovered by a finder elf.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Each dragon can breathe fire, but each also has a breath specific to their element. They can also perform all aspects of their element.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The dragons hatch already knowing their name, but sometimes they like to let the finder elves think it was them who had the honor of naming the next Arch. It has been said their names have something to do with their element. A few scholars believe the names derive from an ancient form of what the Sphinxes spoke. Since the Sphinxes left behind no record of their language before the Arches started creating the various races, this is only speculation.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

All dragons can speak any established language on Tilandrial.


No one, not even the Arches themselves, know why the Sphinxes made them. Perhaps they were lonely, or perhaps it was a happy accident from experimental magic. There was a time before the Arches, but all sentient species agree that time started when the Arches hatched. Before the Arches, the Sphinxes made no writing, art, or buildings, so there are no artifacts to find.

Common Myths and Legends

Many societies believe the dragon Arch is able to split into various personalities, each having to do with an aspect of their element. No Arch has ever confirmed if this is true or not.
Genetic Descendants
Average Length
5.8 - 7 meters (19-22.5 feet)   Wingspan: 12 m (39 feet)
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Each dragon has a coloring that is indicative of their element. The coloring does not stay the same from Arch to Arch, as first proven by Blodwyn.
Related Myths

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