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Dragosaurs were the last creature to be created during the The Great War. Dunstan was facinated by how similar a Deinonychus was to a dragon, and how well the flock hunted animals much larger than themselves. That late in the war, it was clear the Sphinxes were losing, so Dunstan thought combining aspects of a dragon with aspects of a Deinonychus would help turn the tide of the battle. While to late for Dunstan and the Sphinxes, dragosaurs were created to be the perfect predator. They are the only sentient species who are not touched by any magical elements.

Basic Information


Dragosaurs have the basic body structure of a Deinonychus, with huge dragon wings attached at the shoulders. Although the dinosaurs that inspired the creatures have feathers, dragosaurs have the scaly skin of a dragon.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dragosaurs hatch from eggs unable to fly. When they are about ten years of age, their wings are big enough to support them. At the age of 30, they are considered adults, and to the untrained eye they stop aging. When they hit around 110 years old, their scales start to sag and their wings loose their natural perkiness, and this is considered old age.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their sight and sense of smell is considered the best of any predator species on Tilandrial.

Civilization and Culture


During the War

Dragosaurs were created by Dunstan and the Sphinxes during the last years of the Great War. Dunstan had observed a flock of deinonychus hunting and killing an Iguanodon, a creature much larger than an individual deinonychus. Impressed with how well the dinosaurs hunted together and at their obvious intelligence for formulating a complex attack plan, Dunstan came up with an idea to make a new sentient species. He did not want to make the same mistakes that occured with the lycanthropes or vampires, however, so he sat and studied the deinonychus for days on end. He noted how dragon-like the dinosaurs moved and acted, and, after killing and disecting one, saw they too had hollow, lightweight bones.   Dunstan and the Sphinxes mixed aspects of the deinonychus with aspects of dragons. The new creatures were bipedal, six-limbed hunters with the thick hide of a dragon instead of the feathers of a deinonychus. All of their senses except hearing were greatly improved, as was their intellegence. The one drawback was that the species had no ability whatsoever to touch any of the eight elements of magic, but the newly termed dragosaurs saw no need to use magic. While the new creatures were highly skilled at making battle plans, their creation came about too late in the war to help Dunstan and the Sphinxes win.  

After the War

Arch Ananda, the only Arch to survive the war, saw the dragosaurs as abominations and wanted to destroy them. No sentient creature looked like a dragon. The dragosaurs sensed her intention and went into hiding for years. When they reemerged, they pleaded with Arch Ananda to allow them to live, that they had a right to life just like the lycanthropes and vampires. Ananda was forced to accept them, for when she could sense that when they were created, the spell that was used woved them intrinsically into the magic of Tilandrial, just like every other sentient species created by the dragons and Sphinxes. Ananda did, however, weave a secret spell over the species - every couple of generations, a single albino dragosaur would be born. They would be able to touch the gentler elements and inclined towards benign magic only, wanting to help instead of harm others.

Common Myths and Legends

Myth of the Black Dragosaur

Although dragosaurs are able to be a wide variety of colors, not a single one has ever been born that was the color of their progenitor, Dunstan. No solid black dragosaurs have ever existed. The details of the myth vary from clan to clan, but the main story is the same. One day, a solid black dragosaur will hatch, in whose veins flow the blood and power of Obscurum himself. He will be the second coming of the Dark Guardian, able to utilize the strongest Obscurum magic, and the Sphinxes will be avenged.  

Myth of the White Dragosaur

Since the dragosaurs are completely unaware of the spell cast over them by Ananda, they have created their own mythos around the rare Albino Dragosaur. Every clan believes he or she is born during a time of great strife for the clan they are born into. Their birth has either been heralded as a sign that peace is coming, or seen as a bad omen.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
140 years
Average Height
3 meters (9.8 feet)
Average Weight
500-700 kilograms (1100-1550 pounds)
Average Length
6 meters (19.6 feet)

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