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City clan of dragosaurs

The city clan of dragosaurs who first arose in Calalith. Their coloration is duller than the rest of the clans, with solid colors dominating and grey being the most common. Their overall size shrunk, since they were living underground, and their claws hardened to the point where they can now cut through most metal the way a blade cuts through cloth.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Of the three known distinct clans of dragosaurs, the city clan has the most sophisticated familial ties and names. They mimic in part their fellow human citizens of Calalith, consisting of a last name tied to the patriarchy. Their middle name, however, comes from the maternal side, showing importance to both the mother's line and father's line.


Major language groups and dialects

They speak the same language as the humans of Salt Reach. It is often debated if the humans adapted their language to better suit the dragosaur pronunciation, or if it was the other way around. Both species have no problems pronouncing any bit of the syllabry.

Shared customary codes and values

Family comes first, but the individual is rarely sacrificed to better the entire clan.

Average technological level

Those who live in Calalith brough upon the city a small industrial revolution.

Common Etiquette rules

As with most other aspects of the city clan of dragosaurs, their etiquette mimics that of their human counterparts.

Upper Class

Letters of introduction are a must for those in the upper portion of society, and it is of high offence to simply introduce yourself to another outside of social gatherings without one.   Unlike humans, younger female dragosaurs do not need to be chaperoned. They are fully capable to defending themselves if need be.  

Middle Class

An upper class citizen can speak to anyone of lower class without prompting, but a lower class citizen cannot address an upper class citizen unless spoken to first. Those in the middle class are allowed to address the low class in the same manner as an upper class citizen addressed a middle class citizen.  

Low Class

These citizens are almost ignored by higher classes, except for when only the most dirty of jobs needs to be done. Generally consists of vagrants and homeless dragosaurs who are unable to take care of themselves.

Common Dress code

The city clan of dragosaurs wear the most cloth out of the known clans. Since clothing style is seen as a status symbol among the humans of Calalith, the dragosaurs that settled here adopted the practice. It is not uncommon to see dragosaurs wearing vests or sashes that help identify what family line they belong to and how rich they are. Hats and finger-less gloves are a common accessory.


Gender Ideals

Like their human counterparts, they are a patriarchal clan, and the only known dragosaur clan to be so.

Encompassed species
Significant presence in

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