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The Great War

The Great War is the deadliest war that ever raged across Tilandrial. This is the war that killed off all the Sphinxes, and all but one of the Arches.

The Conflict


The Sphinxes had just been kicked off the continent of Septentrionalis, and made their way to Sinistrum, the continent watched over by Dunstan, Arch of Obscurum. The Sphinx's warped magic had reached its peak strength, and Dunstan quickly fell under their control. By this point, the Arches had become entrenched in the idea that, unless an Arch specifically asked for help, the others would not interfere with another's continent. This would have lasting repercussions.


Since Arch Ananda was the only dragon ruler left, she closed off all but her own continent, Meridianus. Any who wanted to stay awake was welcome to migrate to her continent, but most chose to stay with their homes until such a time when their continent's Arch was found. Ananda allowed this, weaving into her spell a stasis spell that allowed anyone under it's influence to not age, nor need food or water.

Alternate Names

The Sphinx War   The Black Bloodshed   The Arches Revolt   The Corruption
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
The entire Sphinx species died out. Out of the eight Arches, only Arch Ananda survived. Four new sentient species were created because of the war.



Dunstan had the advantage of the Sphinx's almost exhaustive knowledge and their limitless magical energy.
The combined magic of the seven elements (except Obscurum).


All of the Sphinxes, Dunstan, and most of the Drow, Lycanthropes, Vampires, and Dragosaurs.
All of the Arches except Ananda.


The surface objective was to bring the Sphinxes back into power as the ultimate rulers.
To protect their creations   To protect Tilandrial   To protect themselves

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