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Lusina, Arch of Lux

Arch Lusina

The first arch of Lux, the element of light.

Divine Domains

Physical Description

Body Features

Lusina's scale coloration varied depending on the lighting. When outside in clear daylight, her scales were the purest white with no other markings. When seen at night or dimmer lighting, what looked like dark grey shadows appeared to dance across her body. The pattern of the shadows looked different every time they were seen, like the shadows given off by a candle. She has a crown of small horns on her skull that give the impression of rays of light

Special abilities

All aspects of Lux, the element of light, were known to Lusina.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

She cared a lot about physical appearance, to the point of vanity.
Divine Classification
Year of Birth
1 1290 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
It has often been said her egg was hatched in a beam of sunlight on the summer solstice.

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