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Lux, the element of light

Lux is the formal name of the element of light which shines throughout the world of Tilandrial. Lux magic is a righteous, ethereal element that focuses on order and a superior attitude. Lux is more focused on protection and beauty, but it can and will attack when it believes it to be right. Those who show Lux tendencies are usually described as scrupulous and passionate, for Lux is a logical, intense element. They also focus more on ethereal beauty, but will not hesitate to protect those they care about.
  Lux is harmonious with Ignus and Spiritus, and opposes Obscurum and Terra. Lux and Ignus share the want to light the way and the need to do what it thinks to be right. Lux and Spiritus share a superior attitude and the want to be more passive-aggressive. Lux opposes Obscurum for light pushes back the shadows, but also for the fact that Lux is focused on protection, and Obscurum is focused on getting what it wants no matter the cost. Lux opposes Terra for while Terra can destroy everything in its path, Lux is more fastidious.

Current Arch

Egg has yet to be found

Prior Arches

[NAME], Arch of Lux

Species touched by Lux


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