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The Battle of Black Glass

One of the largest battles in the First Sundering, legendary for the supposed destruction of Kandar and many other smaller, local myths. It is thought to be the place and time where Remnants of Sundering such as the Bone of the Cabal, Band of the Condemned and Thunderstone Gauntlets fell into mortal hands.


A huge battle raging across the southern continent for days, turning some of the desert to molten glass, the dry meadows and plains being reduced to little more than ash and sand as the Betrayer Gods fought against the uninjured Gods and their servants. Great champions of the gods, the most powerful and pious of their people, were the only ones able to get close to the fighting with the aid of god-gifted items. It is here that the Betrayer Gods began to lose ground, their mortal allies decimated as the Gods began to bind the entities away into the darkness one by one. It is not where the Betrayer himself met his end, but is widely regarded as the beginning of the end of his reign of terror.

Historical Basis

This is rooted in actual historical events, although the details of the Sundering were lost due to the far-reaching destruction of the societies around. However, considering the mass destruction of Kandar and the existence of the Remnants, people were able to piece together an approximation of what occurred.


This is a widespread story, though slightly less well known than the overarching stories of the Sunderings.

Variations & Mutation

For the people of Kandar themselves, the story of the Battle of Black Glass is related to their mythos surrounding the Azra Star. It is generally believed that, as the lowest star in the sky over the wasteland, it's bright red colour is due to it being splattered with the blood of Gods and other celestial beings as they fought in the sky.

In Literature

The Antaraki have the oldest literature on this battle and some of the most complete ancient stories on the Sunderings as a whole, though consistent translations into the contemporary dialect over the years have left some uncertain about their credibility. It is recorded in history books over the world but most know of it from songs about the mighty deeds of nameless champions during the First Sundering as a whole.
Date of Setting
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