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Band of the Condemned

This artefact is one of the unique and exalted Remnants of Sundering, though not one that many would willingly seek to wear. It was worn first by the Betrayer during the events of the First Sundering and was lost after his expulsion from the material realm. Thought lost, it was discovered by the man who would later become the Betrayer's Avatar, the Ancient Enemy, plague of the Candala Union and beyond, in the events of the Third Sundering. After his defeat, the Band was spirited away by the mages of the Valadrin and passed out of history for a time.   It will slowly corrupt the soul of anybody to use it to the Betrayer's will, more darkly glowing runes being revealed as its powers awaken. The Valadrin encased it within a cube of residuum to prevent it being worn, but it could still reach its influence beyond the cube, especially if pushed by dark forces...   The Valadrin lost it sometime in the 800s. It was thought to have been stolen by a cultist, though how it ended up in the position of a Da Jin adventurer and then his family is unknown. When it was discovered, The Walkers¬†were formed to keep it out of the hands of any who would be so foolish as to use it, especially in light of the Ancient Enemy's stirring presence and increasing influence. Eventually, the Enemy made to retrieve it but ultimately failed after a number of large battles across the face of Candala, leading to his destruction in his weakened state.   The ultimate fate of the Band after this is unknown to most of the world.


Of great significance to the development of many cultures and the history of all living things.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Subtype / Model
Incredibly rare; a unique item with no equal.
15 grams, 400 grams in the cube
Ring 1x1x2cm, cube 15x15x15cm
Raw materials & Components
Appears to be of some sort of black gold, but is nigh-indestructible.