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The Azra Star

Its bright and unique nature, as well as its low point in the sky, make it an easily identifiable waypoint and important for many when it comes to navigation. It is very culturally important to the people of Kandar.


The Azra star is brighter than many others in the southern hemisphere. However, what makes it stand out the most is the bright red colour of its light. It is also the lowermost point of the constellation known in Kandar as the Quiet One's Mark and in Antarak as the Great Star. For most people in the southern hemisphere, it denotes a northern, slightly eastern point; in most of Antarak it appears directly overhead, and by the time you reach the northern continent it is decidedly southern and cannot be seen in much of the Curadas Empire or anywhere north of there.


To the people of Kandar, the Azra star is vitally important. It's fairly common to find Kandar children named directly after it, as it is considered a prestigious and lucky name. After the First Sundering the land that had once been there was replaced with the current wasteland, and life became much more dangerous for the surviving inhabitants. For the Kandar Wanderers, the Great Star is a symbol of survival and resilience. It is widely considered by them to be standing over the centre of the wasteland, and was stained red by the blood of the gods and their servants that was spilt during the Sundering, being the lowest hanging star and closest to the battefield.   To the people of Anvulmar who settled there just before the Second Sundering, it gained a more important meaning. The Azra star is fairly close to the Twin Peaks and is used by those further away to get close enough to their homes to find it. But the settlers of Anvulmar, who worship The Quiet One, consider the constellation it is a part of as a marker to bring chosen ones to Anvulmar. The name Azra is rarer and considered even more powerful amongst their people.
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