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Quiet One

The Quiet One (a.k.a. Raviam)

A second-generation Minor God, the Quiet One lives up to his name by staying away from the focus of both his fellows gods and mortals. He looks out for the downtrodden and outcast and is mostly worshipped in secret by criminals or refugees.

Divine Domains

Patience, Outcasts, Shadows

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An outline of a simple rectangular doorway filled with blackness

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To protect the ones with no-one else to look out for them, to learn the secrets no-one else wants to be known, to give the ones with nowhere to go a home.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Very few people have seen the Quiet One in person, but he apparently often appears in hooded clothes and with black nails.

Apparel & Accessories

Apparently layers of black and sensible clothes; could blend in with any number of rogues and thieves without trouble.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Quiet One was less involved in the First Sundering than other gods, not having skills very suitable to the outright warfare that was occurring. However, he more than made up for it during the Second Sundering when he tricked the escaped Betrayer Gods into believing he also wanted to rebel against the Major Gods. By the time they realised he was lying he had been able to work out that a powerful divine spell would be able to work on them and had gotten the message out to the First Generation. He was gravely injured before he could escape from the Betrayer Gods and thereafter could spend little time away from celestial sites due to his injury making him vulnerable and never being able to be fully healed, not even by the Sufferer. In fact, even to other gods, it is unknown where he spends most of his time.   Despite this injury he started to take note of Anvulmar during the Third Sundering due to the Godhunter's actions and their secretive behaviour. Before the Gods drew back from the Material Plane almost entirely, he reached out to a denizen of Anvulmar, earning that individual the name of Godtouched and establishing the monarchy in Anvulmar. Since then he has searched the realm from wherever he spends his time, guiding outcasts who pray for safety or an end to their loneliness to the city-state, where they are eagerly taken in. This practice over the years has greatly increased the diversity and numbers within the mountain.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Though he was grievously injured in the process, the Quiet One was the one to discover the powerful spell during the Second Sundering that led to the Binding Gates and ensured the Betrayer Gods could not return. Despite his lessened activity after this event due to his injury, he took a heavy interest in Anvulmar during the Third Sundering and soon thereafter became the Patron God of Anvulmar, though this is a little-known fact in the rest of the world and even to other gods.


He is considered as one of the possible creators of the Bruises of the Vigilante, though this is not a widely regarded theory.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Looks out for the ones no-one else does, believer in freedom and equality, trustworthy and reliable

Vices & Personality flaws

Somewhat pessimistic, overly secretive, doesn't know the meaning of the word 'relaxation'

Personality Quirks

Doesn't actually manifest as himself very often, preferring to appear in visions or dreams, and is usually impossible to discern any features from. Wherever possible, will not speak with his voice but with his hands or writing.


Contacts & Relations

Occasional lover of the Laughing Bard and somewhat good friends with the Drowned Walker. The Laughing Bard is notably the one person capable of getting him to relax and make merry, which usually manifests as stealthy mischief against his family. The Quiet One's largest base of worshippers lies in the city-state of Anvulmar; unsurprising, due to their secretive nature. It is due to this close correspondence to their divinely gifted that his true name is known at all.

Family Ties

The Quiet One is the son of the Hallowed Mistress and Lord of Ravens. He has two children, the Fate Spinner and the Pioneer, and an aunt in the Moonweaver. He continues to visit his parents in their isolation and has a good relationship with the Pioneer, but the Fate Spinner's strong sense of law and order has led to friction between them and they rarely interact anymore.
Divine Classification
(Minor) God
Celestial Plane