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Twin Peaks

The Twin Peaks encompass both Anvulmar and the home of the Redlocked Dwarves, Razad-Khad.


The two great mountains are maybe half a mile apart and both reach around 3000 ft high. They make up part of a circle of the strange spires that are only a few hundred feet apart at the widest, making the pass between the mountains the most open space but also the most guarded as the two kingdoms face each other. Visiting Kandar Wanderers often pitch their tents and tie fabrics between two of the spires, adding a spot of colour. Inhabitants of the peaks have also used the spires near their homes in recent decades as foundations for farms, outposts and watchtowers.

Fauna & Flora

Some shrubbery and hard-wearing grains grown on the farms, as well as wild fruit trees that have started to be cultivated around Anvulmar.

Natural Resources

The only known place where red steel is able to be produced, mostly found in and within Anvulmar in the present.
Mountain Range
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