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Elden Bones

"From a great distance we could spy the curve of the ribs rising out against the horizon, and as we grew closer began to hear the chime and whistle of the many decorations placed on the bones over the years. It remains decorated with the colourful cloth and homemade windchimes and bells of many previous Kandar Wanderers, and smells of woodsmoke and fragrant flowers. The guides told me that much of the dye used by the Kandar comes from the lush area around the bones, presumably from the decay of whatever creature created such bones. They care not about its origins - it is one of the safest places in Kandar, and is almost revered for it."
- An Excerpt from ‘An Exploration of the Scorched Wastelands by The Valadrin Research Department’

Purpose / Function

In the current day, Kandar Wanderers use the site of the Elden Bones as a rest stop and safe space between spending time camped in more dangerous spots. It is the second long-term stop for outsiders travelling through Kandar from the Candala Union after the meeting space near the Illian Pass. It is also one of the places where you will near constantly find at least one tribe camped, and sometimes even two.


The tallest point of the arched ribs reaches nearly 50 ft high, dwarfing any other landmark except for the Twin Peaks. As it nears night, Wanderers will tie sheets between the ribs to keep the worst of the chill at bay, but prefer to keep the stars in sight were possible. The entire area is covered in flowers with deep colours, that they keep clearing away inside the ribs itself where people sleep.

Sensory & Appearance

Stepping into the large arch of the bones and the makeshift structure evokes a similar feeling to looking up at the vaulted ceiling of a cathedral.   There is the general sound of bells and windchimes and fabric flapping, the scent of woodsmoke and flowers, the sight of the flowers brushing against the bleached white of the bones and the makeshift covers and the stars beginning to emerge above.


Kandar continue to maintain and decorate the site, routinely raising the bones so they don't get buried by the shifting sands, and coating the outsides in animal fat to avoid cracking. They constantly decorate it with handmade windchimes of wood and bone, small charms, and heavily dyed fabrics and ribbons. Some Kandar have traditions where the first such thing a person makes is used to ceremonially decorate the bones as a thank for the safety there.


Exactly what creature died and left behind these giant bones is a matter of great debate. The most prevalent theory is that it was a particularly ancient @dragon, but if so it was larger than any ancient dragon known. There is also the mystery of how exactly it died in a way that kept its skeleton connected and bones intact but was able to kill the creature.
Parent Location

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