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“Found near Glassmeadows, Glitterfields are hard to spot if you’re not paying attention, which is why the edges are often marked by Kandar tribesmen to help others avoid them. Their name comes from the way they glitter as light passes over them, a small and subtle sight, but the reason is far less beautiful. It is due to thin, flat glass that has been mostly covered by the usual grey of Kandar, and easily breaks when stepped on. Nobody knows how deep the chasms under them go; apparently the deepest anyone, presumably some type of mage, got was around 400ft before they decided to come up again, and even then they couldn’t see the bottom when they dropped a torch...”


Glitterfields are found on stretches of flat land, and the sight of Glass Meadows is a warning sign of them being nearby. This can sometimes not be very useful though, due to the large sizes that Glass Meadows can stretch. In contrast, the largest Glitterfield the Kandar know of was only about 150 yards along and 20 yards across.   Glitterfields are notoriously hard to spot on their own, especially on less sunny days. The warning signs that Kandar look out for include perfectly flat land and the glitter of them in the light, but the way wind stirs up dust and sand can make these hard to determine. For this reason, Kandar will carefully map out the edges of Glitterfields with flag-like markers so people can avoid them. They're maintained by all tribes so will often contain a variety of colours and decorations.   When a researcher from Anvulmar tried to discover more about Glitterfields, they found that while the syrface crevasse breaks like any other in a ragged pattern, the holes themselves are almost perfectly cylindrical with about a 30-foot diameter. They only reached 400 feet down before deciding to return to the surface, and even dropping their torch didn't reveal the bottom. They also reported feeling very unnerved by the entire exploration, partially because their light couldn't reach any surface around them and they felt like they were floating in nothing.

Localized Phenomena

The strangest manner of Glitterfields is that breakages will only remain visible for a few hours and will slowly close back over again as the thin layer of glass reforms. Of course, they will then be very visible for a time until covered again, but the fact remains that most marked Glitterfields are only known due to terrible losses in the past.


Similarly to Glass Meadows, the Kandar people are fairly sure that the cause of Glitterfields is The Battle of Black Glass that raged across the land. Where the giant pits came from and how deep they go, however, is unknown. Some Kandar songs seem to suggest that the Betrayer Gods summoned creatures from the bones of the earth to fight at their side, who dug their way out into the surface world, but the exact nature of these supposed creatures and where they went afterwards is also unknown.
Alternative Name(s)
Shining tombs
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