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On a regularly travelled Wanderer road lies, or perhaps more accurately looms, this hamlet. The buildings are built up and around a particularly twisted spire, with a lift to the beginning of the construction 20ft up to avoid predators.


Kandar Wanderers, a single Antaraki and two dwarves. For any Kandar people to stay stationary is very strange, so the hamlet is very much one of a kind.

Industry & Trade

While there are only about 50 permanent residents, there are usually more than 50 Wanderers staying there at any time as it is a very popular stopover. For that reason most of the non-home buildings are inns, though there is also a small market and usually mercenaries around offering protection. There is also a single healer living there.


The buildings only start 20ft above the ground, where a wooden lift system leads to the start of the slatted paths and ladders. It has a rather ramshackle look, with buildings built clinging onto the sides, somewhat supported by the outcropping twists and shored above and below with wood and ropes.
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