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Glass Meadows

“Glass Meadows, the Kandar say, are not inherently dangerous but not useful either, only really used by them to harvest the glass for trade with outsiders. The apparent main trouble with them is the light they cast and their proximity to Glitterfields, but their apathy did not prepare me for the beauty I saw. Waves of glass in all colours and stretching out almost as far as I could see, with some rising in curling and branching shapes akin to flowers and saplings, and glittering brilliantly in the sunlight...”


Glass Meadows can stretch almost as far as the eye can see or be just 200 and so yards long. They are always on flat land, sometimes with slightly rolling landscapes for larger ones. The most prominent and obvious feature of them is, of course, glass. Glass Meadows are made entirely of translucent twisted glass, usually not reaching higher than the hips but sometimes cresting tall enough to reach over someone's head. The most common colours found are blues and greens, but purples, reds, and blacks are also fairly common and if you search hard enough, you're sure to find any colour you want.   Glass Meadows are usually a good indicator that there might be Glitterfields nearby. While not every Glass Meadow is next to a Glitterfield, every Glitterfield is next to a Glass Meadow. Meadows on completely flat land are also more likely to have Glitterfield nearby.


There is no real existing ecosystem in the Glassmeadows except for little creatures that live on the edges and make their nests in or on top of some of the thicker pieces of glass. Some creatures also chew on the glass pieces instead of rocks to keep their teeth healthy.

Natural Resources

The only real resource available in Glass Meadows is the glass itself. In Meadows where the Kandar are sure of the dangers, it's fairly common for them to chip pieces off for their own arts or to sell to traders from Antarak or Little Countries, and occasionally from the Candala Union. Since they're not masters in such craft the Kandar can sometimes struggle to remove larger pieces undamaged, but when they can it often sells well. The natural shapes and colours formed in the Meadows are like nothing you can get elsewhere and can only be anywhere close to replicated by master glassblowers, who would charge far more than you can get for a piece of Meadow glass, cleaned and sanded a little.


The Kandar consider it fairly obvious what lead to Glassmeadows and their dangerous cousins, Glitterfields. After all, The Battle of Black Glass happened all across Kandar.


The Glass Meadows are one of the most popular things for outsiders to visit. Researchers gush over the properties of the glass and what conditions might have caused such a sight; most others take in the beauty and then try to break off some glass for themselves to take as souvenirs.
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Okay, that was really difficult to choose one of the articles. The problem is: I think your landscape articles on Kandar are just great. Almost all of them, be it Stargrove, Glass meadows, crystal caverns, elden bones or glitter fields. They make this wasteland alive and full of history. Be it the presumed remains of the first Sundering like here or places of completely unknown origin. Also your way of describing is just fitting. For this I would really like to read stories or at least play a one-shot inside. Thank you very much.

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