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Fae Mists

“Of all the dangers in Kandar, it is the standing mists that Kandar fear the most, because they are the only ones to sometimes move. A safe route one year might be cut off by these mists the next year, and they may not notice until the lights had already lured some people too close. They assert that the thick mists cannot be seen through and remain stationary, with some occasionally vanishing and reappearing somewhere else with little warning or sense, and that people that are drawn close with lights and songs and voices are never seen or heard from again...”
  • An Excerpt from 'An Exploration of the Scorched Wastelands by The Valadrin Research Department'

Localized Phenomena

Fae Mists move. This is an unavoidable truth of Kandar and what makes them so dangerous to the inhabitants. They can't be tracked like migrating predators or marked and avoided like other dangers in Kandar, simply disappearing and reappearing somewhere else with seemingly no rhyme or reason. The only option is to keep a weather eye on the horizon and try to avoid them.   People that get too close to the Mists will be able to see the lights or hear the sounds emitting from them. There is clearly a magical element to them, as people logically know that it's dangerous to enter the Mists, yet those exposed to these sensory elements will be drawn in nonetheless. Scalebound are particularly susceptible to such charm magic and have the most scrupulously updated track of where the Mists are.


Thanks to Olra Firefist and her companion Cen, a lot more is now known about Fae Mists and how they work. The mists are where Faetor leaks into the material realm, similar to the Polar Coast. Due to the Sunderings and a number of attempted rituals by Ascensionists in the area, the barrier between planes has points of weakness that can rupture and lead to such mists. Fae actively seek them out and push through, but will pull back and let them heal and close again when they get bored of trying to play their tricks or tired of keeping the rupture open. Therefore, every instance of Mist belongs to a seperate Fae, usually each a unique instance.
Alternative Name(s)
Standing Mists
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