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She stood proud and broad, red eyes regarding them curiously, and when she nodded to them with a respectful, closed-mouth smile her thick black hair spilled over her shoulders. A lot of her skin was hidden under layers upon layers of grey cloth and leather, but it was clear she had the darker, richer tones of the northern sand-walkers.   ...From behind the curtains of her hair came a low, rumbling growl. She raised her head, smoke curling from between fangs like a darkening storm. The orcs didn’t have a chance to look more than startled before the corridor was consumed by fire. She drew her sword back, scales on her arm gleaming through the torn sleeves, and threw it straight into the face of the next orc to round the corner. Once again, with a slight twitch of her hand, it sailed back through the air, handle smacking firmly into her palm.

Additional Information

Social Structure

There are few 'leaders' in groups of Scalebound, with there being a preference for equitable work and responsibility. However, when someone does take a leadership role, others tend to exert near full subservience to them.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Almost entirely in Anvulmar and Kandar. In the last 100 years, they all but retreated from the southern lands.

Average Intelligence

Very intelligent and quick-witted, due to the draconic heritage.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Naming traditions nowadays mostly follow Kandar methods, with short given names traditionally ending in -a or -an, and often having many vowels and rather harsh sounds. Females usually have names starting with vowels, while male's start with consonants, a hold-over from the Da Jin ancestors.   Female examples: Azra, Ezran, Unja, Inken. Male examples: Benja, Tridan, Ravra, Dargan.   Common lastnames are Wanderer, Drakeheart, Fire-Eyes and Giftsmith. When it becomes time for a family to branch off into its own and take a new name, they tend to be rather literal. In the Candala Union, they give translated versions of their last names.   There is also a tradition of being given draconic names on their coming of age. Sometimes He gives them, but usually it is the head of the house. These names are not secret in the same way that dwarven deep names are, but they are still very personal affairs that sum up a person and often serve as a wish for their future as well. Giving your draconic name to someone is seen as a sign of trust, and is rarely used except in serious situations.

Average Technological Level

Nearly on par with the dwarves for weaponsmithing and mining; the Dragonhearts forge weapons with all of their magic soaked into the very metal, making them powerful, soulbound artefacts.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Kandarian, (Candala) Common, Draconic, Stonetongue

Common Dress Code

Within their halls, they wear flowing, light clothes as casual wear that mixes Kandar materials with Da Jin colouration, and rougher work clothes of light leather. When they venture out, they wear layers of grey cloth in the north and grey cloth and leather in the Union in order to hide their errant scales.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

It is common for strong Scalebound to spend a number of their years as Wanderers, exploring out in the lands around them and working against the Ancient Enemy wherever his touch may spread.


When some Da Jin adventurers (already a rarity) found a red dragon egg after the killing of its parent, they hid it from the rest of their party and retired with a Kandar friend in what would become Anvulmar. There they raised the hatchling and instilled it with kindness and humility against the nature of a red dragon. The task of raising the dragon fell to the descendants of the original adventurers, and over time the human population grew as the mountain was further tunnelled into. Over time the dragon's presence (and dalliances in his human form) began to spread dragonblood through the population. Soon, every inhabitant of Anvulmar had dragonblood in them, slowly changing their culture over the generations as they grew new traditions and learnt to work with the new abilities it graced them.

Historical Figures

Until now, there were few major figures such as the original founders of Anvulmar and their 'Grandfather' as well as their monarchs, especially the first of the line. However, after the destruction of the Condemned, Azra Drakeheart joined the ranks of revered historical figures.   Another major historical figure is the Godhunter, who travelled across the entire continent hunting down men who would make themselves gods using arcane means during the third Sundering and still managed to hide her nature from her human allies.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

They would be major hypocrites to not allow interspecies relations. However, they have to be cautious if courting and marrying outside the species, as doing so would mean revealing their true heritage.   They have good relations with the Redlocked Dwarves and consider them friends, but also retain a distance to avoid their nature being discovered by them. The dwarven hatred for dragons is well known and feared amongst the Scalebound.   Relations with the elves of Illian are strained, to say the least. The elves there are aware of the nature of the Scalebound, and while they begrudgingly allow them to continue their existence, they are cruel and untrusting of any that crosses their paths. It has lead to the Scalebound wanderers devising their own routes into the Union and avidly avoiding any elf they can.   In terms of humans, Scalebound tend to be amused and friendly with them, but again a little removed- despite human appearances, Scalebound's have an extended lifespan that can make friendships with the shorter lived races painful and dangerous. The Antarak and Kandar kingdoms are the only one to have much knowledge at all of the mysterious Scalebound wanderers.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
200 years
Average Height
Average Physique
Most are stockily built and average human height, being a mix of small, slender Da Jin stock and the broader and taller Kandarians.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Middle-dark skin with errant red scales
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths
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