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Azra Drakeheart

Many-gifted Azra Zur'klin Drakeheart (a.k.a. Starlight)

“Oh, did you not know?” Perinor asked innocently. “The True-Sight and magic in her line comes from dragonblood. And Azra is the most Dragongifted to have been born in many long years.”
  Azra was born under the red star and with many gifts, marking her as special from the moment she drew breath. This was rather a lot of pressure to grow up under, but nevertheless, she seemed to bloom, forging a powerful blade and striking out into the world to do much good and make strong alliances.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Dragonheart: Access to a little innate magic from her draconic ancestor.   Dragoneyes: Able to see truly- can see through illusions and see the spirits of the dead. Also able to see in the dark, as all Scalebound can.   Dragonbreath: Can occasionally breathe fire in a small area in front of her.

Apparel & Accessories

Dressed in layers of grey cloth and leather, that acts both as armour, an aid to sneaking around, and a way to hide her scales.

Specialized Equipment

Her enchanted weapon, Red Lightning, is able to be telekinetically controlled to a small distance from her.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Azra left Anvulmar and Kandar altogether at a relatively young age to wander the southern lands alone. It is generally agreed amongst her peers that the suffocating expectations of her elders drove her away from her home to a more dangerous and lonely land for their kind. When the Band of the Condemned was discovered, her mage friend Perinor volunteered her to assist in its safekeeping. She was invaluable to the The Walkers as a wilderness survival expert and somebody with the ability to not only use some magic but to see through illusions. However, as the Ancient Enemy's power grew, her dragonblood left her vulnerable to his painful and dangerous influence, and she had to leave The Walkers to continue on the final path of their journey without her.

Gender Identity

Woman, she/her


Contacts & Relations

Azra grew close to all the members of The Walkers during the couple of years they spent together, particularly Trin Ironside and Dernan Kirkly. She was particularly careful of the younger of tier party and often sought to keep them feeling as cheerful and safe as she could. Amongst her fellow Anvulmarans, she is close friends with Benja Godtouched and his wife Ezran Farwalker as well as the half-orc Zagrad Deepspring. She is married to Ravra Firetongue.

Family Ties

Her brother Nazan and her mother are the only remaining members of her family aside from herself. One point of interest is that contrary to normal convention, her more acclaimed mother took the surname of her husband instead of the other way around. This has not at all stopped people gossiping about her embodying the line, infamous for powerful women starting from its founder.

Religious Views

Like most working people Azra is perfunctorily religious, mostly directed towards Quiet One. There is the slight overhang of her mother's line that makes her more irreverent towards the idea of gods than most, but she has mainly common views.

Social Aptitude

Kandar are rather infamous for their cheer and therefore Azra is often eyed even more than most Kandar for her relative reserve. Nonetheless, she has a careful and refined manner of speaking appropriate to Candala, is polite even to those that upset her most of the time, and is quickly able to forge friendships with those she finds similarities in. However, when she loses her temper it tends to be fierce and she is irritable and upset for some time afterwards.


Dislikes people using honorifics with her. Known for a dry and sarcastic sense of humour, though around some people she can get really quite silly. Rarely touches others.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Many-Gifted, Walking Starlight, Champion of Anvulmar
Year of Birth
902 PS 122 Years old
Current Residence
Dark red, usually half-lidded
Medium length, thick, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Arabic, Indian style shade
140 pounds
Known Languages
Draconic, (Candala) Common, Kandarian, Stonetongue, some High Elven and Silent Tongue