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Soulbound Weapons

Soulbound weapons are a technology unique to the Scalebound and utilised mostly by their Wanderers, though their occasional use by people of different species in Anvulmar shows that the technique is also useable by anybody with innate magic.


The infusing of magic into weapons means that only the wielder or those they choose can use it without taking damage and makes it more impervious to wear and tear while also allowing them to do real damage to magical beings. The most unique aspect of these soulbound weapons, however, is that can be manipulated when within 30ft of the wielder and used to attack, and also be used as a thrown weapon in this range. It can be recalled after throwing and the recall can be used as an attack, though it is less likely to hit than usual.


The actual process of forging the blades is about the same as forging any other blade. The process of infusing it with some of the wielder's magic is a much harder process, however, and has to be done while it is being forged. The forging is almost always done by the wielder, with few exceptions- such as in the case of Olra Firefist's reforge- known. Not only do you have to almost layer your magic in over the course of the forging but you need to have something mixed in with the metal to bind the magic to both the weapon and to you. This is mostly blood of the wielder, both for availability reasons and because it binds well to the metal, but there have been instances of people using ground-up baby teeth or the ashes of their burnt hair for it. This complexity and physical exertion is part of why this technology hasn't spread further- for many users of innate magic, this is more hassle than it is worth, considering it locks some of your magic away and limits your upper limits.
The individual or individuals who first developed this technique are unknown, but it has certainly been used by Wanderers for almost as long as they've existed as an official profession.
Access & Availability
This is a closely guarded secret by the inhabitants of Anvulmar, though in recent years they have taken the occasional apprentice from among outsiders. It is still very common to have soulbound weapons that self-destruct upon their wielder's death.
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