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Red Iron/Bloodore

Red Iron may seem like a strange name, as most iron ore is deep red when it is mined. What distinguishes this from ordinary iron, however, is after it has been smelted. The effects are seen best when it is used in steel.


Material Characteristics

Red Iron can be distinguished from the usual iron by stint of the shocking red lines running through the ore, as bright as blood. In fact, this earned it it's Dwarven name which is translated as Bloodore.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Apart from the difference in appearance, there is little difference from ordinary iron ore.


This is the primary component of red steel, which shines in the light with a red sheen and is highly sword after for swords of office in the lands that know of it.

Geology & Geography

So far it has only been found in Kandar, specifically in the Twin Peaks and primarily in the bowels of Anvulmar.

History & Usage


It was first discovered by miners clearing space for new buildings in Anvulmar in the 300s.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Due to its rarity, it is seen in dwarven culture as a sign of favour from your monarch, who is usually the only one with access to weapons from it. It is, even more, a symbol of status in non-dwarven cultures where it is even rarer.

Industrial Use

To be smelted into weapons it is mixed with alloy to create steel.


Smelting is needed to use it in smithing.

Manufacturing & Products

It is converted to red steel which is then used primarily to make weapons, though it is sometimes used to make jewellery as well or to gild armour.


Trade & Market

As of now, Anvulmar is the only place where red iron can be found, and it is exclusively traded with the Redlocked dwarves. The weapons made from it are prized for their exotic and rather intimidating colour.
A single pound of bloodore can be easily sold for 1000 gold pieces
Highly rare and localed
Common State
Solid ore
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