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The wanderers of Anvulmar roam far and wide in small groups, staying hidden under layers of grey and waging a quiet war against the Ancient Enemy.



The only thing needed to be able to be a Wanderer is to be Dragonhearted, meaning they have inherited some magic from their draconic ancestry. Very rarely somebody with another form of magic will be initiated, but the ranks are almost entirely Scalebound.

Career Progression

Wanderers will train with experienced seniors for five years, at which point they will be sent to the Redlocked Dwarves for however long it takes for them to learn to forge weapons. Having forged their soulbound weapon they will then spend a further five years with other experienced Wanderers before they are even considered to be allowed to travel without other Wanderers.

Payment & Reimbursement

Wanderers have to hand over 50% of any money they make outside of Anvulmar, but considering there isn't much of an economy within the society anyway this actually leads to them having a lot of excess money, even after expenditure while on the road.

Other Benefits

Wanderers also gain a lot of social recognition from other Scalebound. Many barters they make in Anvulmar are more in their favor than for other citizens, and they get priority in meeting with the Monarch.



For the most part distant Wanderers do their own thing, moving from place to place and gathering information on the movements of the Ancient Enemy and the societies that surround Kandar. If they see injustice and have the ability to fight against it, they should do so. They are the epitome of the mysterious strangers that wander into town, help the locals and then leave without most even knowing their names. Any treasures they find are brought back to Anvulmar.   However, many Wanderers are used more as protection for anyone else who has to leave the safety of the Twin Peaks and do not travel far from their home. Merchants and hunters often use Wanderers to guide them safely through the dangers of Kandar.

Social Status

It is seen as a noble and sought after occupation. Those that are dragonhearted and do not go into the profession are viewed oddly.


Wanderers are not the rarest, but when it comes to trained fighters they are a minority- a powerful minority, but a minority nonetheless. There is a rather high turnover rate, but around 10% of the population of Anvulmar are considered Wanderers, in training or experienced. The majority of those work alongside hunter-gatherers and do not go beyond 3 days out from Anvulmar.


The first Wanderers, in the very early days of Anvulmar, were used to map out the surrounding area and earmark resources for the growing settlement. Over time they became more specialised- the increasing dragonblood amongst the population brought with it an urge to atone for their ancestors' misdeeds and to look beyond their own survival.



The equipment used by Wanderers will vary widely depending on their capabilities and skills. Universally, they tend to wear grey leather and cloth all across their bodies as armor that allows them to hide easily amongst the grey landscapes of Kandar as well as hide their more inhuman features. The other thing you will see every Wanderer have is their soulbound weapon. Forging the weapon with their own hands and bonding their magic to it is a vital step in becoming a Wanderer, giving up some of their ability to cast magic in return for a powerful artefact. In reality, this weapon can be multiple smaller weapons, as with Ezran Farwalker, but there is a limit to how much metal one can control, and therefore a limit to how large the weapon can be.

Provided Services

Wanderers are often used as guides and armed escorts for people travelling through Kandar. For Anvulmarans this is offered as a matter of course, but outsiders often have to tender coin or trade for the privilege. They are hireable, like any other adventurers, in further lands.

Dangers & Hazards

Wanderers have some of the most hazardous jobs of any Anvulmaran and the highest death rate. A number go missing and are never seen again. Their long-ranging status puts them at risk not only from the local dangers of Kandar but also from more humanoid threats, and those that move on their own or very far out are at the highest risk.
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