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Ember Knights

Ember Knights are the home-focused counterparts to the Wanderers, directly responsible for the safety of Anvulmar and its residents and are a step above ordinary guards. They are distinguishable due to not only having an actual uniform but it being quite a distinctive one; they actually wear armour, and it is lined with shed scales of a red dragon.



All that is needed is a willing spirit and a level of strength and sturdiness- after all, they are defenders, so sneaking around and agility is less important. It is not a position that requires being Scalebound or having magic, though those things are somewhat preferred.

Career Progression

Before becoming an Ember Knight, people must make it through at least five years of regular guard duty. Existing Knights will pick those with promise from guards and offer them the position. If they accept they will go through training in the duties and skill expected of Knights, and at the end of two years probation will have their first chance to have their position cemented by winning at least three of five matches against established Knights, or just two wins if one of them is against a Dragon Knight, of which there are three that lead the Ember Knights, and have more complete and decorative armour.   Knights may be raised to the position of Dragon if one of the current one retires or is killed. The Dragon Knights and Monarch will each choose two candidates, who then have three days to prepare before a battle royale takes place between them- whichever is the last standing is the winner and is promoted to Dragon.

Payment & Reimbursement

As money isn't used much in Anvulmar at all, their stipend is relatively luxurious for buying oddities and foreign things, though it would be pitiful in many other places. Their true reimbursement is the food that is cooked for them, better than much else in Anvulmar.

Other Benefits

Like Wanderers, any barters they make in Anvulmar are more in their favor than for other citizens, and they get priority in meeting with the Monarch. They also gain a lot of social recognition and are often actively pursued by Scalebound interested in such things.



Ember Knights protest Anvulmar and its citizens and are some of the best fighters amongst the Scalebound. They patrol throughout Anvulmar every hour of every day, including the tunnels underground, and most concentrated around the Monarch's and Vandrozaz's quarters. On occasion, when dragons, other dangerous creatures, or bands of cultists are found somewhere where the Knights can get to them unseen by the Redlocked Dwarves using the tunnels, they will move en-masse to wipe out the threat.

Social Status

Ember Knights are viewed as noble and trusted, and many people will gossip about them and aspire to their level, though it is understood that it can be a dangerous profession. Like with normal guards any sort of dragongift is a boon, but Dragoneyes and Dragonheart are particularly useful.


Due to their elite status and relatively small area to cover, there are slightly less Knights than Wanderers. Approximately 7% of the population is a Knight or on probation for it at any point in time, though numbers can vary in the aftermaths of particularly bad battles.


The first Ember Knight was actually Gifted by Vandrozaz to protect the growing population in Anvulmar from a guard who had nearly died in a surprise attack on some of the miners by a Sandsnare. After that they became an established organisation within the mountain halls and began to develop their own culture and positions.



The kit for Ember Knights includes helms, pauldrons, vambraces, cuirass with tassets, and greaves, all made from leather and scales (except the helms, which are made of Red Iron). They also carry pointed shields made of various materials and prefer larger, heavier weapons. Unlike Wanderers, Soulbound Weapons are not a necessary piece of equipment, though you will occasionally see some with them. Enchanted armour is actually more common, as the scales are easy to instil magic into, especially draconic magic.

Provided Services

Their main service is protection, and there are often Knights around the Monarch's chambers, Vandrozaz's chambers, and the mines and greeting hall when they are in use. Though Knights are often not visible on the main gates or Landing, due to their armour, there is a barracks right there that is constantly staffed in case of emergencies. Knights also fulfil many other ordinary guard roles and can order guards around if needed, though that happens rarely with the casual way it is approached by everyone involved.

Dangers & Hazards

Though they mainly guard Anvulmar and there isn't much danger there, Ember Knights are also frequently snuck out of the citadel to fight greater foes, mainly dragons, when they are close enough for it to be feasible.
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