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Vandrozaz the Redeemed (a.k.a. Grandfather of Anvulmar)

The benevolent firedrake that rules over Anvulmar, Vandrozaz is a solid and comforting presence in his people's lives and is the propogator of the Scalebound species. In his human guise he usually looks entirely Da Jin, but has been known to appear as Kandar or in feminine forms before and mostly wears traditional blue Da Jin clothing.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Vandrozaz was raised by human parents in the safe halls of the newly settled Anvulmar, breaking the cycle of madness and corruption of his draconic line. Even after they passed of old age their ancestors lived on and grew in number and he viewed them as his hoard, to be treasured and protected. Over the years dalliances with new citizens and his sheer presence over generations began to introduce dragonblood to the people until the majority had some notably draconic traits. Being forced to remain hidden for the safety of his people, Vandrozaz has rarely left the halls of Anvulmar and left in his dragon form even less. The only times he does is in times of true need and even then under as much cover as he can manage, such as for fighting other dragons, as rare as that occurrence is, and to aid in the final destruction of the Ancient Enemy.


Contacts & Relations

Though he knows essentially every denizen of Anvulmar and takes special care to learn the names of the newcomers brung by the Quiet One and make them feel welcome. However, he does know the Wanderers, Ember Knights and the Monarch better than others, and has become the patron of a few Gifted amongst the population.
Current Location
Year of Birth
194 PS 830 Years old