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Where once the gods fought, now all that remains is the dead lands that their presence laid waste to.  
"It is a land of salt and sand and stone. Of course it is all grey, and so the strange creatures that live there are also grey... But there is life, if you know where to look, and the Kandar people are masters of the land and great teachers in how to be positive in the darkest of places."  
  • An Excerpt from 'An Exploration of the Scorched Wildlands by The Valadrin Research Department'
  • Geography

    The majority of Kandar is wide grey flats, with pale wispy shrubbery here and there. Occasional brackish ponds provide thicker plantlife, but most water is deep in the ground. If you are not wary, the salted ash and sand will get into everything you wear and own. Twisted spires of black rock shot through with colour sporadically dot the landscape, reaching with varying height into the sky. It is thought that the Twin Peaks are a particularly large example of this phenomena.   The weather can be very sporadic, especially in certain areas. There are places the Wanderers never tread where the fogs always linger or storms always rage, with strange predators slinking through the conditions.

    Fauna & Flora

    The Kandar Wanderers have separate words in their language for 'a creature that moved here and changed to survive' and for 'the creatures that were here and were changed'. The latter is more colloquially referred to as Cursed, and are infinitely more dangerous. There's not much worse than a large lizard that's been hit with a few magical nukes and then left to evolve further over time in a fallout zone.   The fauna, however, remained relatively intact. There are some that move slowly and hunt flesh, and some that inflict horrible effects upon eating or touch, but for the most part most plants are ordinary desert fauna that survived the First Sundering or moved in from the northern Antarak desert.

    Natural Resources

    The most famous thing about Kandar is that it is crazy, dangerous and weird. Materials from the fauna and flora that now live there can be very sought after in other countries with more sedentary and, to some minds, learned people. This is because they are novel, rare, and may just provide answers under a scholar's constant prodding.   They are also somewhat known for the abundance of herbs and spices that can grow in the wasteland, desired for culinary and alchemical reasons alike.   The only other resource is the strange minerals and gems that were thrown up amidst the spires, but as they are much harder to access and therefore put people in more danger to gather there is very little demand for them. The only place that is mined is the Twin Peaks.
    Alternative Name(s)
    Scorched Wastelands
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    Inhabiting Species

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