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Despite their small size, Stormsects are rather dangerous if unduly disturbed.
"When explorers first hear of Stormsects - a translated version of the original Kandarian name that our guides assured us was just as punny in the original language - they might be forgiven for thinking that they are luminescent and harmless insects in the same way that lightning bugs are, or maybe that they emerge during storms or live nearby some of the everpresent duststorms of the land. Seeing them, with their jagged yellow markings, does little to dissuade this notion. Yet this is, rather literally, shockingly inaccurate."  
  • An Excerpt from 'An Exploration of the Scorched Wastelands  by The Valadrin Research Department'
  • Basic Information


    Stormsects have six legs and are about the size of a human's palm, though they can be larger or smaller. They have very short hair across their bodies similar to a spider, with some thinking that it may help them to charge and direct their shocks. They are patterned black with jagged yellow markings that are surprisingly similar to lightnings bolts and serve as a warning of danger to those smart enough to heed it. They have four black eyes and very visible, sharp fangs.

    Ecology and Habitats

    Stormsects live in the bushes and trees around oases and the dappled waters of 'Rippleplains'.

    Dietary Needs and Habits

    Stormsects are not exactly prone to attacking people but they are also not averse to attacking things much larger than them if they feel threatened or particularly hungry. Stormsects are usually found in large groups and their fangs can strip a body within the hour, though they don't need to eat for a while after such a large meal. Sometimes they leave enough meat to entice scavengers that they then kill, continuing the cycle. However, they tend to prefer eating small mammals and other insects.

    Shocking Abilities

      As it turns out, Stormsects are named not for their patterning but for the fact that their bites result in a rather painful electrocution. Apparently one alone is not enough to kill adult humans, but for children and smaller races it could be fatal. The danger is more that where there is one Stormsect, there is more; and if one attacks, they all will. A single attack is still more than enough to incapacitate for a while and even if the Stormsect is acting defensively and runs afterwards, it is a rather bright attack that attracts attention and may get you attacked while still incapacitated. For this reason, Kandar are very cautious about not disturbing their communal nests and treat them with respect.
    Geographic Distribution

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