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Red Lightning

Red Lightning is the full name for Azra Drakeheart's hand-and-a-half sword, her trademark Soulbound Weapon of the Wanderers. Its name is inscribed in the leather sheath she carries it in and around the diamond pommel in draconic script.

Manufacturing process

The steel is mixed and forged in the efficient manner of the Redlocked Dwarves before the hilt is added. Traditionally, the bone and leather used is from creatures killed by the Wanderer, and Azra is no exception.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Holder
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A unique item forged to Azra's specifications and infused with her magic.
Raw materials & Components
The blade is forged of Red Iron and infused with some of Azra's magic and blood in the process, with a prominent fuller. Like many of the weapons that emerge from Kandar, lacking in excess wood, the hilt is made of bone and leather and there is only a very small guard of darkened metal.
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