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Forgemasters are the most "traditional" type of Wanderer, forging familiar - if effective and personal - blades or weapons. They have to rely more on the destructive force of their magic and roguish abilities than other Wanderers, but are all the more shrewd and resilient for it, and it remains the most common form due to the versatility possible for weaponry and how easy it is to use the techniques to cooperate with other people. It's also very common for Forgemasters to dip into other professions and learn skills that accompany ones they already learnt, learning even better how to hide from view and strike with cunning, or how to hunt and track with the best of them, or learning new techniques from abroad.


Social Status

In essence, Forgemasters are the bread and butter of the Wanderers, reliable and stalwart. While other kinds of Wanderers are useful and have their place, people are certainly more relieved to learn that the one coming to their aid is a plain Forgemaster. That being said, there is still a level of unpredictability about every Wanderer. Many Cultists and Bandit-Lords have thought they'd figured out every avenue to avoid a loss only for the Forgemasters to break out a completely different skill.


The vast majority of Wanderers are Forgemasters, due to the simplicity and versatility of their techniques. The greater reliance on stealth and dexterity better suits the needs of their work within Kandar and even tracking without. These are the type of Wanderer most well-regarded by the Kandar, more unobtrusive and less overtly alarming than Bladestorms or Chainsingers.   It is also important to note that a very high proportion of Forgemasters cross-train, something much less common for Bladestorms and Chainsingers. For instance, Olra Firefist is technically a Wanderer, but is generally considered more of a monk than anything. One of her usual patrol partners, Mazkar, has trained more in strength-based fighting than Wanderers usually do. Benja Godtouched spent a lot of time travelling learning about alchemy and tinkering, and also some time with hunters. In fact, not branching out like this is more uncommon than doing so.


Forgemasters are the oldest form of Wanderer, their weapons and techniques honed over centuries upon centuries, and what any citizen of Anvulmar will first describe if asked what a Wanderer is. The history of Forgemasters is, in effect, the history of Wanderers.



A Forgemaster's weapon can be anything - a sword, a bow, a warpick, a staff, even, in the case of Olra Firefist, an arm. In this way Forgemasters can craft a weapon that suits their fighting styles or even, for those who pick things such as axes, bows, or picks, be used for things other than fighting. It's common for Forgemasters to carry both reagants and tools, often in the same pouch.
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